Earthbound Was "Sold Out" on Virtual Console, But is Already Back Up

Digital copies of the cult classic RPG Earthbound were listed as 'sold out' on Club Nintendo, but the game is already back up on the service. The game was still available on the Wii U's Virtual Console during all of this.

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masterfox1475d ago

da hell ? how a digital game can be sold out ?.

Nintendo you never stop in amaze me about your dumbness :/

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1475d ago

it download codes not purchases.

ZeekQuattro1475d ago

The site says there is high traffic... When that happens it acts wonky. The service is ending and people are rushing to get on and claim their prizes. Because of it I'm waiting. I have too many games anyway that I have to beat.