Why Nintendo’s Youtube Policy Might Start A Trend With Other Companies

So for those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few years that Youtube gaming has been on the rise, it has become a big business for a lot of people and people who used to play games in their bedrooms have become big time entertainers, pretty cool right? The way it works is they play and record their gameplay with commentary and their reactions, upload it to Youtube and make money on their videos that people watch and the content producer makes their money. It has become an industry within the gaming industry and is an awesome thing.

Nintendo seem to have different ideas about this though.

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Randostar1474d ago

EA has Ronko. They literally pay you to stream the game to people.

Concertoine1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I hope no more companies go that route. It basically restricts what you can say about the game in exchange for more money. I dont want a trip to youtube to consist of seeing fake reactions and feigned enjoyment so these companies throw youtubers some more money. In a way i find it a bigger threat than Nintendo's program because it actually has the potential to become widespread.

That said, more companies shouldnt go the Nintendo route either.

thorstein1474d ago

This way it is transparent.

xHeavYx1474d ago

We live in a world where anyone can raise hell to a company who does something deemed stupid. There is no way in hell that other companies will want some of the trash that Nintendo is getting.

RealFry1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

I doubt any developer/publisher would bother to do what Nintendo does, it's obviously bad PR. But more then that, business wise it makes them less money since they don't have that word of mouth generated by the completely free advertisement youtuber's give developers anyway. It just looks like Nintendo is not delegating decision making for policies like this instead waiting for Iwata to slowly nod approval. It's the bad side of the Japanese way of doing business I guess, consistent but slow to change.

Delsin_Rowe1473d ago

PlayStation wont since PS4 have stream for the two big stream company for games so they will not follow Nintendo Policy.

iamnsuperman1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Actually it will be the opposite. More companies will pay for let's plays and other content using it as marketing tool. The Nintendo policy is backward. It goes against what companies (even outside the games industry) have been doing for some time now. User driven content is big and advertisement is increasingly becoming more "hidden" (sponsered posts...). You can be restrictive and monetise that. Like other forms of adverts companies pay for it and get coverage as the return. It is time Nintendo gets with the times and embrace it.

Thisgengaming1474d ago

I think it could go both ways. Some companies will make it clear they support Youtubers and they will look good in return, and there could be some who follow Nintendo if they find out Nintendo is doing business from it.

Guess it's all maybes and mights, but lets hope no one else does follow it.

Aloy-Boyfriend1474d ago

It will never start a trend. There aren't that many Nintendo Youtube channels with enough power to start a trend.

hagbard51474d ago

a site that has a fullscreen pop-up every time you navigate on it? I'm new to this whole n4g thing, but i'm sure there are some quality standards

Mikelarry1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Most of the site you visit nowadays have some sort of ads/pop ups its how some sites stay afloat using the money they get from advertising.

that is why some cleaver web coder have come up with a tool called adblocker, try it you will thank me later

hagbard51472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

So I should use Adblock to remove the fullscreen popups which are "needed" for the site to stay afloat?
Thats great! Thanks for the tip, I make sure to use it all the time now, so other sites who aren't as abusive with those shit ads don't get any revenue either!

Mikelarry1472d ago

if this site bothers you that much there is a section of the site called "contact us and feed back" rather than spamming with your off-topic comment about pop up with said sites.

if you look into adblock plus you would have realised that you have the option for what sites to use the tool for and what sites to block pop up from, but you would rather be ungrateful and complain. muted don't bother replying like adblock plus I will no longer see any of your comments

uth111474d ago

I guarantee the legal departments at some of these publishers are chomping at the bit to curb this phenomenon. The thinking in Intellectual Property law is that if you don't vigorously defend your IPs you risk losing control of them. I fully expect more companies to take a position closer to Nintendo.

I know everyone says 'free advertising' but this is a double-edged sword. It can promote your product, or it could destroy it, and you have little control over it.

OmegaShen1474d ago

If it destroy it, then the product wasn't worth buying.

It helps people see for themselves if the product is worth buying or worth passing on.

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