Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 29

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"Here are all the questions we answer this week:

*What game would you consider the biggest bust in history?
*What is your favorite opening to a game?
*Who between you guys would get picked first and last in a pick up basketball game?
*Should I get DriveClub, The Last of Us, The Order 1886, or Dark Souls II for my new PS4?
*What’s your favorite anime story?
*What’s your favorite fight scene in an anime?
*Which anime had your favorite art style?

Bonus: We cover the topics we had to pass over on Throwdown Ep. 29. These are: Nintendo’s latest Direct, Sony buying OnLive, and Deadpool officially getting an R rating."

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sagesurge1479d ago

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal were the least-selling games in the Sonic franchise

rbailey1479d ago

The person who asked about which games to get for PS4 should just get all of the games mentioned. With the exception of Dark Souls II, all the others have dropped in price so there is no reason not to own them all.