Rumor Alert: Red Dead Redemption 2 To Be Unveiled At E3, Will Be Multiplatform, New Leaked Details

Rumor alert everyone. Reddit’s member ‘AnonDN1978‘ – who claims to be a former Rockstar dev – has leaked new information about the rumoured sequel to Red Dead Redemption.

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Relientk771474d ago

Red Dead Redemption was amazing, can't wait to see the reveal for the 2nd

rodiabloalmeida1474d ago

Until you go to Mexico. It made me drop the game all together.

Randostar1474d ago

I loved that part of the game.

TheBigShamona1474d ago

that's actually where i stopped playing as well, ive always wanted to finish it tho. it is uncanny almost

thekhurg1474d ago

Really? Different strokes for different folks - I thought it was pretty amazing. I don't like western shows/movies, but this game was incredibly fun.

The music when 1st going to Mexico was odd, but afterwards it was pretty solid fun.

freshslicepizza1474d ago

will they remaster the first one or at the very least make it for the pc?

Bdub20001474d ago

UNVEILED: this game might be unveiled soon!!!

Testfire1474d ago

@moldy, I sure hope so. Such an amazing game I'd buy it again for sure. The co-op was surprisingly unique and fun as well.

LAWSON721474d ago

RDR clearly has quite the following, 58 disagrees. I personally thought the whole game was one great adventure.

kraenk121474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

What?! You must be a strange fella. You missed the best parts of the game.

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Deadlead1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Revolver and Redemption are really completely different games. But Redemption 2 would be a pretty lame title.

Old_Prodigy1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

@Deadlead Whether they were completely different or not doesn't change the fact that they are related. Just because people would rather dismiss Red Dead: Revolver as no relation to Red Dead Redemption doesn't mean it's any less a part of the Red Dead Series. Sure Red Dead: Redemption 2 is possible, but I think everything with John Marston has already been explored. Not to mention I really would prefer not to see Jack as the main character for it. They should just start from scratch with an all new character/story. There are so many possible titles, I really hope they don't add numbers to the titles unless a direct sequel is really necessary.

_-EDMIX-_1474d ago

I got to agree. Regardless of first game, the Red Dead series has 2 entries and it would make no sense to just split it and make redemption some sub series and title it 2 or something..

I think it makes more sense to call it Red Dead subtitle 3.

As its the 3rd game in the series.

Deadlead1474d ago

@Old_Prodigy and Remix Sorry for the confusion, it's that damn English language getting in the way. I wasn't trying to dismiss Revolver as part of the Red Dead series, you can't. I was speaking towards game design aka open world vs action adventure. Meaning the next RDR will be produced in the same vein as Redemption was regardless of where R* takes the franchise in plot, character progression, setting, etc...

Spartacus101473d ago

No, he (Relientk77) specifically mentioned RDR and theres only 1 red dead redemption, so another RDR game would be the second.

If we were talking about the next black ops, you wouldnt correct someone if they called it the third COD black ops game.

WeAreLegion1473d ago

Jesus Christ, guys. I was just joking. It really doesn't matter if we call it the 2nd or 3rd.

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ZombieKiller1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Let's hope that it tops the last game in the series because damn.

RDR is one of my favorite games of all time. Glad I gave it a chance once I saw it.

Red Dead Revenge, Retaliation, and any other "R" word that fits...not Red Dead Redemption 2...ugh.

As long as it isn't Red Dead Revengeance. ;)

Old_Prodigy1474d ago

I've got plenty of words beginning with R that would suit the Red Dead Series: Restitution, Remission, Repentance, Rebellion, Reckoning. I could go on but this list is pretty long

TheCommentator1474d ago

Red Dead Restauranteur? Makin' burritos, old west style!

3-4-51474d ago

RDR was an awesome game and honestly, probably the highest quality game Rockstar ever made.

It has many many things done right that they still haven't gotten right in the GTA series.

* I think people are ready for a new RDR game and if it is unveiled at E3 it will be awesome for everyone.

Xof1474d ago

Completely agree. Even ignoring all of the "content," the map and open world were much better designed than anything they'd done before or since.

I just hope that the sequel hits PC, too.

JackBNimble1474d ago

As much as I love RDR I really don't want Seth or Irish as playable characters in the main story. I thought Seth and Irish were irritating characters in RDR's story line to begin with . If I have to play either one of these characters in RDR2 then I just might have to pass on this and I don't want to do that.

RDR was a day1 buy for me , "so please Almighty Gamer God, don't let RockStar put in these shitty characters".

Testfire1474d ago

Imagine if a new RDR and a new Fallout game are announced this E3!

Palitera1474d ago

You'll probably have to wait a lot longer.

Seriously, "AnonDN1978"?

How easy is it to fool you guys?

Let me try: On the latest Elvis Presley birthday party, secretly celebrated at PAX North 2015 (yeah, you didn't know about it because you're not insiders), the cousin of my brother's neighbor, who is an Illuminati agent in disguise at Rockstar, discovered it all: Rockstar bought Half Life. They will release their next game in 2015, September 31.

Yes, they will add a day in the calendar as well.

I'm so insider.

BC_Master_Haze1474d ago

But is it next gen horse s***?

oasdada1474d ago

Stoked! But i dont think it will be called redemption 2

showtimefolks1474d ago

i loved RDR and its one of my most favorite games of all time. But i am not to exited about a pre quel, but i will still give benefit of the doubt to R*. Also why not let us play as John from original game

i would love to see RDR come to next gen before a new one comes out

I would love to see Bully 2 and if possibly original Bully on ps4/xbox one

_-EDMIX-_1474d ago

I have zero clue what they mean. If would be Red Dead 3 subtitle etc.

Redemption isn't a new series, its a sequel to the first Red Dead.

lelo2play1474d ago

I wonder what happened to Rockstar's Agent?

Spartacus101473d ago

Literally no info on that for years... even the last guardian is in a better situation than Agent and that really says something.

I'm guessing the PS3 exclusivity never worked out for some reason and it got turned into LA Noire.

XanderZane1474d ago

There's no doubt there's a sequel in the works. I thought Rockstar had already hinted on that a month or so back. Hopefully some of these rumors are true, but we probably won't know anything until the E3 or GamesCom. I'm looking forward to some official information.

Xman2K1474d ago

I hope the main character is more of an Eastwood type than Morsten. Got up to the house shooting crows and stopped, otherwise it was a good game, just missing something, graphics were great

TrollsBringer1474d ago

But what about the remastered edition of the first one which is inevitable?

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CaptainPunch1474d ago

I hope we get that Red Dead Remaster everyone wants and a new Red Dead title, that would be my dream come true!

Plagasx1474d ago

RDR on PC....... *Drools*

GenuineGamer1474d ago

Delorean back to the future mod in RDR would be fun

-Foxtrot1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Redemption 2? Really?

Red Dead 3


Red Dead <Insert Subtitle which begins with the letter R here>

Plus a Prequel AND the same place as the last game. I know what happens to Seth, I don't want to see it because I already know what's going to happen. Seth won't die, Irish won't because they are in Red Dead Redemption.

Yeah I want a new Red Dead game as much as the next guy but hopefully this isn't true. Why would you name it Red Dead Redemption 2 when it's a prequel.

I'd rather have it set somewhere new with a new main character. I don't want to see more then one. I didn't really like it in GTAV when it came to buying property and items etc I'd rather see the focus on the one character. I came out of GTAV wishing the story had focused on just Trevor

Would John Marstons emotional story really had that impact if there was more then one main character and you could switch? Yeah I don't think so.

Rimeskeem1474d ago

I heard it would be called Red Dead Revenge

Randostar1474d ago

99% of the rumors for R* games end up being completely fake.

Elit3Nick1474d ago

There's been no solid rumours about a name but assuming that the series follows the RDR acronym (Red Dead Revolver/Red Dead Redemption) Revenge seems like a possible name

Rimeskeem1474d ago


I know, just keeping my dreams alive

wakeNbake1474d ago

They should call it Red Dead Revolution and have it set in California during the gold rush.

JWiLL5521474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I like that concept.

Revolution is better than "Revenge" too.

Genova841474d ago

Agree solid idea. Revolution is close to revolver though so who knows? How about some stupid names!?

1. Red Dead Rockstar
2. Red Dead Rancher
3. Red Dead Rodeo
4. Red Dead Risk
5. Red Dead Rising
6. Red Dead Remastered
7. Red Dead Reaper
8. Red Dead Respite
9. Red Dead Refined
10. Red Dead Refugee

I think Red Dead Rancher is my favorite ...

showtimefolks1474d ago


man i couldn't agree with you more. I came out of GTA5 experience thinking WTH? and the story was all over the place than it ends

R* please just focus on one character and deliver the goods

-Foxtrot1474d ago

I even felt like in the end it was all rushed

<Spoilers Incase>

Like all of a sudden they need to wrap loose threads up and they take on each others "enemy". I mean you can kill them in a flash since you have most of the weapons unlocked.

You would think each characters "enemy" would have a mission dedicated to them where they face them one on one....but no....rocket launcher out, pull trigger and they're dead.

MasterCornholio1474d ago

Read Dead Rapist?

Nah it can't be.

reallyNow1474d ago

Trevor? Really? Michael. The story would have been great focusing on Michael.

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Spurg1474d ago

Rockstar revealing a game at E3???

iamnsuperman1474d ago

Which is why I think we can safely say this won't happen. Rockstar doesn't nor needs to until games at E3. They are likely to have a closed door demo if they have already announced something but that is it

MultiConsoleGamer1474d ago

I really want this rumor to be true. RDR was one of my favorite games for the last gen.

robtion1474d ago

Me too. A fantastic game that was way ahead of its time. Still holds up well today.

RDR2 would be awesome but imagine if Rockstar announced Agent as a ps4 exclusive. That would be insane, N4G would melt down. Not likely to happen though.