Tretton: No Other Handheld Can Match PSP

Jack Tretton has told the global media that no other handheld can match the PSP at Sony's E3 '08 Media Briefing.

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QueefyB3963d ago

obviously this is true if i want to play with dogs in my hands i will buy a puppy until then i will enjoy the remarkable playstation portable

Obama3963d ago

True that. Does that mean that 360 owners like to play with pigs since they have bought a 360?

soul899er3963d ago

yup, especially in its home country Japan xD

Silogon3963d ago

Easily the best handheld ever created. It is a true revolution.

SacT0wnF1n3st3963d ago

Man you are working hard to get your bubbles back.

Silogon3963d ago

Wrong, D*ck dabbler. I don't care about those bubbles. I'm fine with 2 or 1 for that matter. Bubbles mean snot to me.

I like the PSP and fully suport it as the best handheld ever made. Just because you can't open your eyes to the other side doesn't mean I can't admit the truth when I see it.

PSP is great, I have no problems with saying that.

fromnytomilan3963d ago

This guy says positive thing about a Sony product? Man that's breaking news.

You're such a pathetic fanboy.

badz1493963d ago

that's 2 times I've been agreeing with you today! I also love my PSPs!

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DJ3963d ago

I'm downloading one piece of content from each part of the video store (one tv episode, one Movie rental, and one movie purchase) to see how effective this all is. But if the PSP transfers work easily enough, then damn. My Handheld just got a LOT more useful.

Screw UMDs, haha.

mistertwoturbo3963d ago

seriously, why do sony even bother with UMD's still. I mean yeah they can continue to use the UMDs for the games, but it still boggles me that they cant admit UMDs are dead as a movie format.

timmyrulz3963d ago

Agreed, when you compare the psp to the DS, one is for Men the other is for gays and girls, i let you work out which one is for which

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