'No Man's Sky:' Sean Murray Breaks Silence To Name Planet For Zelda Williams In PS4 Game

"No Man's Sky" Creator Sean Murray recently broke two months of public silence to talk about naming a planet for Zelda Williams in his PS4 game. The self-professed "videogame legend" is also the daughter of late comedian Robin Williams.

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hiredhelp1481d ago

Robin williams god bless his soul now he was a legend.

Rimeskeem1480d ago

I still can't believe such an amazing person passed away only a few months ago.

xer01480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

But he didn't just pass away in his sleep did he?
For all the laughter he gave, he died a very depressed man.

Now, that's tragic!

3-4-51480d ago

* Do we get to name planets when we find them ?

1480d ago
GutZ311480d ago

All hail the majestic "Turd Fart", galuping so effortlessly through the "420 Blaze It" Forest.

holysmokesbatman1480d ago

Perhaps a multiple choice to name stuff would be a bit better, I don't really want to find someones 'Cock Daisys' tbh

3-4-51480d ago

Yea GutZ31, but your planet will be the only with Turd Farts on it.

Kind of cool.

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Relientk771481d ago

I hope its like a Legend of Zelda-ish planet

NovusTerminus1481d ago

Titan A.E... I loved that movie, awesome reference she made to it.

mushroomwig1481d ago

Likewise, criminally under appreciated!

sonicsidewinder1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I like the Jamiroquai song from the film's soundtrack.

ab5olut10n1480d ago

I kind of like the Lit song. Saw it in the theatre on x when it came out.

Highlife1480d ago

Lit song was not bad there were a few decent songs on that sounds track just not Jamiroquai that song is terrible. Just my opinion though.

thorstein1481d ago

This is really cool. I wonder what the chances are of finding it.

rezzah1480d ago

1 in a million...or billion?

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The story is too old to be commented.