First Wiimote Casualty in Japan

Darwin must be stirring once again in his grave right now. Despite geographical distances to set people apart, it turns out that one new common genetic quirk we all have is a case of butter fingers. Yes, as it was for North America, so it happens in Japan. What we've got below is probably the first ever documented Wiimote accident from Japan.

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Tut4359d ago

I am confident I would start crying if I destroyed my plasma like that. Everyone wears the strap in my house! =)

Syko4359d ago

If Nintendo made TV's I would be screaming about CONSPIRACYS!! But I can understand this problem as I had my wristrap break playn baseball fortunatly mine just put a 1" hole in my drywall behind the TV, I now use fishing line to connect the strap to the Wiimote just in case. Plus my wife was mad pissed cause she thought I broke the Wiimote, She loves that damn Wii

BIadestarX4359d ago

just use duct tape while playing the wii. people aren't just creative enough.

DJ4359d ago

before the console was released. God forbid these stories start running rampant.

Tut4359d ago

I hope people would be smart enough to realize that the majority of these incidents are caused by user error and often stupidity. This is the first picture I have seen of a TV being ruined because of the Wii mote being flung but I have heard of a bunch of other incidents involving ceiling fans, windows, and fish tanks. It is quite comical but unfortunate at the same time.

It is a very easy fix, though. I don't see why they shouldn't revise the later WiiMote models to contain a stronger string, or just add your own. My controller strings haven't broken yet but I think (and hope) it will be a while before they do, and I hope it doesn't involve my plasma.

BIadestarX4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

User error or not this issue is Not happending with the PS3 or XBOx 360 gamepads. So, if the wiimote was designed to be used the way it's being used than the strap should be designed acordingly. If not Nintendo should required a training program where users are required to learn how to use it before they are allowed to purchase the console (not going to happen) or put a big warning sign on the box that says, "This console is not designed for people that aren't hightly skilled in the art of wiimote(ism) and that it make cause injury, lost of tv, injury or death (Not going to happen since they are targetting kids too). I am amazed Nintendo is not being sued yet.

Syko4359d ago

I couldn't agree more Blade that thin little string that holds the Wiimote, Is about as strong as Nintendos court case when a class action goes against Nintendo cause some lil kid is now retarded cause he took a Wiimote to the dome ! The judge will take one look at the piece of yarn that holds the wrist strap and it's back to the N64 days for Nintendo, LOL

specialguest4359d ago

im sure some company is developing something to capitolize on this isolated issue.

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The story is too old to be commented.