PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Granted Second US Trademark Extension: Hope for Localization Is Not Lost

Back in January Capcom requested a second extension for the deadline for providing a statement of use for the trademark of the PS4 exclusive Deep Down, pleasing for another sixth month to provide proof that the mark is being used in commerce in the US. The USPTO has granted said request, giving Capcom more time to announce a localization, until September.

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Relientk771477d ago

Good, I wanna see this game come to North America

Abriael1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Yeah, first and foremost I want to see the game. Capcom has been a bit ridiculous with the way they handled the reveals, to be honest.

It's not quite at Final Fantasy vs XIII's levels, but it's still pretty bad.

chrismichaels041477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

After the success of Bloodborne, releasing Deep Down in the US would be a very smart move for Capcom. Another AAA action/RPG new IP would be another great addition to the growing PS4 library.

Kingscorpion19811477d ago

I'm keeping my eye on this one. I'm still interested in this game and wanna know more about it.

deadpoolio3161477d ago

WTF are people crying about...The damn game was confirmed to be coming to the US at E3 2 years ago during the interviews after....Does just nobody pay attention, shit Capcom tweeted it 2 years ago

krypt19831476d ago

wtf are you talking about this game has never been announced for the western world go smoke some more crack..

OllieBoy1477d ago

Excellent. I'd love to see this and Dragon's Dogma Online get localized.

Abriael1477d ago

I'm pretty confident DDON is going to get localized sooner or later. The IP is fairly popular in the west, so Capcom would be really silly to miss a chance.

S2Killinit1477d ago

Im pretty sure its coming. Probably going to be a suprise at E3 saying its coming this year along with a demonstration, to blow peoples minds up

deadpoolio3161477d ago

Yeah maybe the people with the attention span of a fruit fly that didn't notice Capcom confirmed it was coming to the west 2 years ago at E3....

kenwonobi1477d ago

I dont see why this wouldnt come to North America. There was mainly interest in North america started over this game if it stays true to the videos it released early if it stays similar to that form of gameplay.

AutoCad1477d ago

Am i the only one who didnt like how the character movement was on the demos?

saint_seya1477d ago

Ofc that you wont like it, unless the movement was from exclusive to PS4 to multiplatform..

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The story is too old to be commented.