PS3 Home: Your Patience Will Be Greatly Rewarded

Speaking at Sony's E3 conference, SCEA CEO and president Jack Tretton told gamers that PS3 virtual world Home will be worth the wait when it finally launches after a series of delays, but he failed to announce a launch date for the online initiative.

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B-Rein3960d ago

so far the visuals look fantastic the fetures are amazing, hmmm maybe we will be rewarded

UnSelf3960d ago

i always noticed that Sony delivers more at their TGS than E3. so no worries here

rofldings3960d ago

Has TGS 08 been dated yet?

vasilisk3960d ago

Home looks fantastic and it will be definitely a great thing for Sony. Home is the chance to infiltrate the casual market..

meepmoopmeep3960d ago

i've never been too hyped for Home. it's a cool feature but i hope they do the games conferencing thing with Home. that would def make me more excited about Home.

interrergator3960d ago

awww man i want the real home to come out

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ISA_Scum3960d ago

Patience? I've waited enough for the potentialstation 3 to shape up and deliver. This is BULL.

TheHater3960d ago

Did anyone saw that Warhawk room? That look [email protected] insane

juuken3960d ago

I hope so, because this needs to be delivered.

QueefyB3960d ago

dont worry when home launches it will be the premium online interaction and gaming service across all platforms

Lord Vader3960d ago

Whats the launch date Jack ????

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The story is too old to be commented.