Gamespot: E3 '08: SimCity Creator Updated Hands-On Impressions

Gamespot recently took a look at SimCity Creator for the Nintendo Wii and in the process unearthed some of the new features available and lurking within. Today they got hands-on with the title at EA's booth and discovered some of the subtle nuanced gameplay to be found and how it will work when it ships later this year.

Curvy roads might not sound like a huge upgrade, but they are making their debut in SimCity Creator and will let you finally create the traffic conditions you've only dreamed about. It's as easy as simply selecting one of the preset shapes--such as square or circle--and then dragging the silhouette until it meets your size requirements and away you go. Alternatively you can simply select the road icon and draw them on. This freedom means you'll also be able to create cement crop-circles from a height to indicate the city's visionary, or your corporate brand of choice.

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