CGM Sound Off: Is A Format War In VR Bad?

CGM Editor Wayne Santos is back this week to sound off about why a format war for VR is a bad things for consumers and everyone that wants VR to succeed.

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S2Killinit1473d ago

that is not a good thing. PC should be an open ecosystem, there is no excuse for making it exclusive like that within PC structure. Consoles are a different breed, and its understandable in that sphere, but dividing gamers artificially on PCs?? thats horrible. Don't shoot me, but this is what happens when companies that don't have their hearts in gaming, end up leading the industry. thats just my two cents.

BC_Master_Haze1472d ago

I agree. I hope they don't turn it like that, but if they do it'll just be another thing we can get through easily :)