Xbox Classics That Needs To Be Remastered For Xbox One: Gears of War, Mass Effect And More

Dennis: "We wouldn't mind playing these again on the Xbox One."


Note to a mod: Can anyone please change the title to: Xbox Classics That Need To Be Remastered For Xbox One: Gears of War, Mass Effect And More

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Kakashi Hatake1480d ago

Too many remasters this gen. What was the point of buying new hardware?

skyrim226121479d ago

Really why do you care? I loved the Tomb Raider remaster, the graphical jump was easily enough for me to be happy with my purchase. I would also LOVE to have a remastered Mass Effect Trilogy with all three games and all dlc on the same disk not to mention maybe updated visuals for ME1. Look if you dont like em, dont buy em, but dont think your "opinion" is shared by everybody.

Gotcha51479d ago

All i know is... if i don't get a Gears this year. "By The Powers Of Greyskull" I'm going to go Wreck-it Ralph at home or going outside and Curb Stomp some random joe for the sport of it?

authentic1479d ago

You know you can play the Mass Effect series "remastered" (1080p 60fps) on PC...why not just buy a PC and you can play every multiplatform title remastered?

JasonKCK1479d ago

"Too many remasters this gen. What was the point of buying new hardware?"

Agree. If they have to remaster games, they should remaster 15-20 year old games. Like Clive Barkers Undying or Jedi Knight series.

maybelovehate1480d ago

Sorry, too many ads and slow loading pages. I can't make it through the slides. However, I hope Fable 2 is on there. Since they remastered it for PC it should be very easy to port over as well. I loved that game.

GenuineGamer1479d ago

All 3 fables on one disc 1080p solid 30 or 60 would be nice.

One of my biggest gripes with fables on 360 was the low frame rates.

DougLord1480d ago

Im torn here. If we have infinite resources and it wont effect new IPs Im all for it. But I really don't want to simply replay old games this gen. Prettier graphics are a really small part of what makes a game fun. We need new plotlines, new heroes and villains and nextgen gameplay. I was happy with Halo MCC because I personally have only played Halo 1 and that was 2 generations ago. And it was $50 for what will endup being 5 games with ODST. But a full priced version of a game from last gen just doesn't excite me.

Elit3Nick1480d ago

No Mechassault or Crimson Skies

I am disappoint

Ace Killa 081480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Mechassault <3

from the beach1480d ago

Gears of War Anniversary next year?

Moldiver1479d ago

Id like to think, that will be a surprise at E3 followed by the announcement of a summer 2015 release. And I certainly would not say no to a mass effect Remaster. I remember getting it the first one on X360 on luanch day and saying "now..this is next gen!" (at the time) I started 5 playthroughs and finished 5 playthroughs on ME3. I wouldnt mind one last perfect playthrough with a rocksolid framerate and improved graphics. Doesnt have to be an over the top remaster ( would rather they spent that kind of energy on ME4). Juts s a perfect remaster of the first three games, technically. So yeah, 1080P 60FPS, though PC guys were already playing on those settings.

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The story is too old to be commented.