Sony: PS3 on target to reach 10 mln sales by April 2009

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Sony Corp (6758.T: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) said on Tuesday that it was "well on its way" to meeting its goal of selling 10 million PlayStation 3 units worldwide in its current fiscal year ending March.

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cloudman3803d ago

i hate microsft for what they have done to the video game industry

QueefyB3803d ago

dont worry microsoft are on target to fail

juuken3802d ago

I agree with you. The gaming industry was good until they got their slimy cash wrapped around it.

g3nkie3802d ago

Ya, I agree... Its like the music industry now. They just buy their way to the top now. But you know, M$ can't keep their hands off anything....

Silogon3803d ago

I thought the ps3 was well past this mark? ahhahaha

Tmac3803d ago

So it's becoming pretty evident Silogon doesn't know how to read, lol I'm starting to believe you are actually mentally challenged.

hotshot1273802d ago

on you for that one. your so interested in bashing sony and the ps3 and trying to keep your so called reputation of speaking "truth" that you came on here and just made an out right ignorant remark.


QueefyB3803d ago

wow 10 million in its current fiscal year i can definitely see why microsoft are desperate

Omega43803d ago

i somehow doubt that with the mass PS3 trade-ins for 360s which are going to occur for the rest of the year LOL. Poor PS3 its dead before it had a chance to live LOL!!!!!!

DaChinPin3802d ago

Really?...Can you tell me why that is? I don't really see why Sony is dead and the PS3s will be traded in...?

bosels113802d ago

MS has NOTHING to offer for PS3 trade ins whatsoever! PS3 is light years ahead of anything microsh!t has ever stole, I mean created since its existence.

TheDesperado3803d ago

Yeah, that's better.

Which means PS3 passes 360 by April 09 (probably by Xmas).
Then the war is finally over. 360 will be a distant last.

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The story is too old to be commented.