How to survive and thrive in the new Dark Souls 2

Red Bull writes: Before you jump into the wonderfully hellish world of Drangleic, have a read of these tips, or rather, commandments. As well as providing some best practises for staying alive, we’ve also included some advice on how you can get the most out of your stay in a world ravaged by the undead curse.

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philm871476d ago

I refuse to believe it's possible to Thrive in this game. First one I've played in the series though. 10 hours in and only on the 6th area of about 34. Love it though.

starrman19851476d ago

I absolutely loved DaS2, I've loved them all to be fair but I didn't notice any drastic drop in quality for this one despite what a lot of the series fans seem to think.

BlackTar1871476d ago

Dark Souls 2 being the 3rd best in the souls series means it's still 10x better then 99.7% of all games released. Not a bad thing.

starrman19851476d ago

Critically DaS2 scored the highest out of the 3! Personally I've absolutely loved them all though :)

Timesplitter141476d ago

I'm pretty satisfied with the amount of changes made in this version. It's more than I expected