TimeSplitters Rewind: First Completed Level Showcased; Multiplayer Detailed

The developers of the Crytek-approved Timesplitters Rewind have today unveiled the first fully complete level to be featured in the game, while also confirming some details on the title's multiplayer options.

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eldingo1478d ago

Its good to see people are trying to bring timesplitters back its a pretty cool series that feels more fun with its settings than most first person shooters these days.

Testfire1478d ago

We definitely need more fun and outside the box fps games this gen.

G20WLY1478d ago

Will be great to play this with the Dualshock 4, new triggers and all! Loved the old series and the multiplayer was addictive and mental, what with the monkeys. :D

Why only PC and PS4 though?

Becuzisaid1478d ago

All this time and only 1 completed level? Oh boy...

Love Timesplitters. Hope that one day we get some kind of update on this series in our hands.

Immorals1478d ago

It's basically made in their free time, so any progress is good progress!

Becuzisaid1478d ago

Yeah I know, but I'd have thought something more than this would be complete. Is the plan for this still to release one day?

comebackkid98911478d ago

IK it's never gonna be finished );

Hazmat131478d ago

give them all the money and release all the maps and characters in a free to play. give us an HD Timeplietters!!!

spicelicka1478d ago

Dont understand why they don't officially make this, we're getting shitty HD remakes on every other game.

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The story is too old to be commented.