‘Sleeping Dogs’ a Definite Contender for a Hollywood Franchise

Due to the excellent martial-arts combat and engaging crime drama, The Karachiite feels that 'Sleeping Dogs' makes a good contender for a film adaptation. Would you agree?

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saadd201477d ago

Man I am so hooked to the definitive edition on the PS4. The more I play it I wish it could become a film. It clearly has everything for a kickass action thriller.

Hellsvacancy1477d ago

Yeah you said that in the article, I can read you know

Watchdogs sucked, what little I played of it anyway, and a movie would be even worse, Hollywood can't even make a good movie based on a good videogame, what makes you think they can make a bad game into a good movie?

EvilWay1477d ago

Watch dogs did not suck

saadd201477d ago

i meant Sleeping Dogs..not Watchdogs!

Hellsvacancy1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Sleeping Dogs? hmmmm, think I may of made a mistake, I played Sleeping Dogs, it was alright, didn't finish it though, some of it was fun

My apologizes, I'd rather play/watch Sleeping Dogs than Watch Dogs

saadd201477d ago

its all good man! I find it better than watchdogs and rate it very closely to GTA V. the combat mechanics are the selling point.

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KryptoniteTail1476d ago

Watch Dogs sucks. Rather see MGS film or something.

saadd201476d ago

its Sleeping Dogs, not Watchdogs. on that note, Watchdogs is not that bad but there were too many expectations. open world games can tend to be repetitive.

captainexplosion1476d ago

Cuz Hollywood makes so many martial arts crime dramas.

Krimmson1476d ago

Sleeping Dogs was heavily influenced by Hong Kong cinema. It'd feel a bit odd to see a Hollywood movie based on a video game influenced by Hong Kong cinema.

crazychris41241476d ago

They already made 2 movies that are kinda like Sleeping Dogs. Watch The Raid: Redemption and The Raid: Berandal (sequel, its even more like sleeping dogs) They are Indonesian films but dont let that scare you. Brutal martial arts, intense action, characters you care about and great stories. Movies were very well done. Make sure you watch the subtitled versions. Hated the idiots they hired for the English voiceovers.

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The story is too old to be commented.