Five lessons Bloodborne can teach triple-A games

Bloodborne’s success was a forgone conclusion, but how did From Software’s bizarre baby get so much love when it breaks all the rules?

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ArchangelMike2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Excellent article, absolutely nailed it. One thing I would add -well two things really. The sense of dredd that the game evokes, because it doesn't matter how may times you level up, you could still get killed by a grunt. And then there's the risk vs reward when it comes to carting around 30,000 souls (aka blood echoes) that you need to level up... especially when you get killed by that grunt... again... when you're on your way to picking up your blood echoes that you dropped the last time he killed you!

DevilishSix2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I disagree with the authors assertion that the graphics are not that great just kinda serviceable. I think BB looks darn nice it has a great eerie art style with great effects like thick fog which just adds to the mood, its a very atmospheric game. He also said it wasn't detailed. I dare u to put the Bone Ash outfit on and look at your character up close and still say its not detailed. There maybe some muddiness here or there but its a great looking game.

BitbyDeath2261d ago

Yea, I don't have the game but have seen some amazing screens on GAF.

Bolts2261d ago

It's a console game.

If your idea of details is the PC's version of Lords of the Fallen with texture resolutions that are so high that intricate tiny carvings in your armor just leaps off the screen, then no, Bloodborne is not detailed.

But if you compare Bloodborne to Dark Souls 2 Remastered then the generation gap is clear. Plus FROM has never been know for their technical mastery, these guys are designers and in that aspect they hit a home run on this one.

Clunkyd2261d ago

You really need to learn the difference from visual art and graphics.

Exari2261d ago

lol "it's a console game" what does that mean?

dude, I assure you that you can see more details in galahad's mustache than anything you have seen on your PC.

Perjoss2261d ago

I agree, its rare that you see level design with detail absolutely everywhere. The locations are so thick with atmosphere to the point that Bloodborne is the first game in a very long time to creep me the f out regularly while playing. The enemy visual design is also off the scale, its amazing how they managed to make things look so disgusting and beautiful at the same time.

Technically the game could have been better, some anti-aliasing would have been great, but its not always the technical side of thing that is important. Okami on the PS2 for example still looks amazing.

magiciandude2261d ago

Graphics and art style are two separate things. Graphics-wise, it's no technical showcase for the PS4. The game's art style is doing most of the work in presenting the game visually, quite similar to how games like Tearaway, Rime, and No Man's Sly work.

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Loadedklip2261d ago

I LOVE Bloodborne ... it's like a 2D Metroidvania perfected in 3D.

Well except platforming but everything else is here. Amazing game.

Miraak82 2261d ago

I always consider the soul series/BB to be more in line with a modern day castlevania

martin8312261d ago

Yeah this game is awesome I just beat the shadows of yarhnam and it was intense but this game is one of the best expiriences I have had in years

Ron662261d ago

Bloodborne is worthy of being an exclusive. Amazing Rpg game. So damn addictive.

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