GameSpot E3 08: God of War III E3 Conference Impressions

GameSpot writes: "God of War fans have long-hoped that the series would come to the PlayStation 3, and this year Sony finally confirmed it was going to happen. Details remain scarce, and the trailer didn't show any in-game footage, but it's likely that the announcement alone will be enough for salivating fans.

The trailer itself showed a dark and rainy Greek landscape, with the voiceover explaining how the walls of Olympus have been breached. Predictably, it's down to Kratos to save the day, and as our anti-hero is introduced the voiceover continues to explain how Kratos 'must suffer in the end'. The extremely short trailer finished with Kratos standing atop a hill, the camera holding his gaze."

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Cusco3965d ago

Impressions or not, I don't think people care what the teaser looked like. It's all about the gameplay and I think a lot of people are expecting insane graphics since this is arguably the most major first party title. On another note, I feel sad as I spend more time looking at E3 coverage than playing my PS3, lol.
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Ghoul3965d ago


but still it was a freaking awesome teaser, kratos voice gives me the shivers ;D

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vasilisk3965d ago

When I played GoW II on my PS2, I couldn't believe how the PS2 could handle these extremely gorgeous graphics. I expect something similar from GoW III.
The only thing that makes me sad is that there's no Team Ico game announced...

Bonsai12143965d ago

1. they got the story wrong. its Kratos who threw Olympus into chaos.
2. perhaps it was ALL in game footage.. how intense would that be.

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kingOVsticks3965d ago

the teaser was awesome but I expected to see gameplay but thats okay tretton did say this game is coming out next year and we all know GOW games come out in march so Resident evil may have no will have a run for its money.

Bolts3965d ago

March is going to be brutal with KZ2, RE 5, and a possible God of War 3 release.

Martini3965d ago

Beyond this holiday season - knowing sony this means a 1 1/2 to 2 years from now IF we are lucky.

rofldings3965d ago

Hope they release gameplay video soon ... God of War is one of my favorite franchises next to MGS.

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