Why Master Chief Could Be A Traitor

Clipping Error offer their opinion on the #HUNTforTRUTH which is currently consuming the Halo community. They go through their reasoning as to why Master Chief could be the traitor, but also how you could paint Agent Locke as the traitor.

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Spudinator2171478d ago

I think he will be a traitor for all the right reasons?

Kingdomcome2471478d ago

Locke must be a badass if they felt confident in tasking him with possibly having to kill Chief.

ScorpiusX1478d ago

Locke is done for in my play through.

Trekster_Gamer1478d ago

He will not be a traitor, then it like we have spent countless hours fighting the good fight just to have the Hero evolve into this.

I say no way!!