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Fable Legends is a bit different than previous titles in the franchise. Yes, it keeps the Fable "look," but the focus is on action, it's a free-to-play game, and it boasts 4-v-1 asymmetric multiplayer. It's also cross-platform, supporting both Windows 10 PC players and Xbox One players in the same game and on the same servers.

Microsoft had a playable version of Fable Legends on display at GDC 2015, so I gave the multiplayer experience a try. The setup at the show featured two Xbox One consoles and three Windows 10 machines. The two consoles and two of the PCs were used for the four heroes. The remaining PC was used for the villain. The PCs were set up with both keyboard and mouse as well as Xbox One controllers, so players could use whatever they were comfortable using.

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WCxAlchemist1480d ago

YES. Mix of Moba style,Stratergy with rpg leveling and loot drops really works well.

Only problem i see is if there are enough content meaning Fable will be done as season like season 1,2 and so on will there be enough content in each season? This were the Rpg and loot drops come into play if there are deep charcter leveling and addictive loot drops that makes you want more Fable will be a huge success

Been in the beta for awhile game is fun but again is there enough content there to keep me and lionhead is working hard to make sure there will be more than enough when it officially releases

Ya_bitch1479d ago

When is the next time the beta goes live

RJ920091479d ago

Are the working on a main fable game or is this it for now?

StrayaKNT1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Sounds like this game will be a blast I just hope it comes before halo 5 and Tomb raider. It also doesn't have much hype so it could be a sleeper hit.

ScorpiusX1479d ago

What will help it be a hit even with those other titles out will be it's window 10 extras. The whole cross play , the streaming to other W10 devices. This what i believe

kraenk121479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I don't know. Sounds like a more tactical Evolve to me and the microtransactions will kill it. I also really don't like the art style but well, we will see.

spicelicka1479d ago

Well it is a free 2 play game to be fair, unlike evolve, and that's how how F2P games usually are.

mhunterjr1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Seems to me that the micrtransaction model will make it worthwhile. The cost of entry for Evolve is what killed it. If they can avoid 'pay to win' then it could have the potential to be a true success. Free rotational players, who's progress you keep even if you don't pay... Who van complain?

'A more tactical evolve' sounds like a valid description. And that is pretty enticing...

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