Miyamoto Wants Another 'Mario,' 'Zelda' on Wii

Just minutes after the end of Nintendo's press conference, Stephen had a chance to speak with lead designer Shigeru Miyamoto. They'll have more from Miyamoto next week, but the answer to their last question just had to be shared.

They asked if Miyamoto could talk about Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's promise that Nintendo's internal "Mario" and "Zelda" teams are hard at work at new projects. When will we hear more about them?

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ChickeyCantor3960d ago

I hope its 1:1 for zelda....really.
Btw Moto wants his game on a Nintendo console!? O LAWD....

bring it !

iamtehpwn3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

would be revolutionary. Think of the puzzles and interactivity. I was AMAZED with Twilight Princess' Graphics only pushing Gamecube, it'll be great to see how they could Double the beauty of Twilight Princess.

ChickeyCantor3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

How about slicing the you know what out of ganon =(....but since Ganon is dead or something....=(......T_T....

edit:Just imagin the last battle of OOT/TP with 1:1 controll ...seriously i wouldnt be here on N4g now i would be beating the boss over and over.

iamtehpwn3960d ago

Zelda is actually a better game Series when they do it Final Fantasy style, where It's a new world, a new land, new items, and you just play as someone who looks like the hero of time. =]

I wanna replay Ocarina of time now.

ChickeyCantor3960d ago

You did not even played them.
=) you missed out some good games.....

XBOX 3603960d ago

Gotta save the dumb bimbo princess again?


ChickeyCantor3960d ago

I really Hate this comment i really do.
Not all Zelda games are about ZELDA.
No wonder people say they dont do new stuff, you guys dont even know the games.


Honestly if you dont mind saving the world for (inser number) then i really dont see why bimbo the princess cant be saved.

iamtehpwn3960d ago

but what Princess was I saving in Majora's Mask?

That game was THE sh*t!
I don't care what anyone says. I would have sex with that game.

ChickeyCantor3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

The princess you were saving was the crazy Windmill man, i mean if the moon crushed into termina.....he would die =(....and i love his song.

edit:Zelda:MM had a really dark was was really weird but i enjoyed it entirely.

NowGen3960d ago

he should make a new zelda game. his talents are being wasted with all that casual stuff. he looked sad up there pretending to like that lame ass music game. LOL

ChickeyCantor3960d ago

And ofcourse the whole Zelda team has talent, they sure know how to make the zelda franchise come alive.

badz1493960d ago

when people talking about a new game for Wii, almost instantly all will make a guess of Mario or Zelda or spin-off of both!! how irony and this shows how 'mario&zelda'-ish is Nintendo has becoming these days!!

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