Here's Why It's Time To Release Twisted Metal On PS4

It's been a long time since we've had a Twisted Metal game, it's about time Sony releases one for it's loyal fan base.

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jay21481d ago

No thanks, I want new IP not game 1000 in a series or HD remakes

crazychris41241481d ago

Another twisted metal and wipeout would be great

Rhezin1479d ago

could not agree more. I want another Twisted Metal, Wipeout, and Motorstorm on PS4.

slinky1234561480d ago

I loved Twisted Metal on PS3. I think it was great and really stayed true to the series. One for the PS4 would be great too I'm sure, but difficult to say with more than likely Jaffe not being a part of it.

Cra2yey31480d ago

I love TM but I have to disagree with the ps3 version. It was fun but just felt so different.

rezzah1480d ago

I want to see a continuation to the ending of the story in the previous game. The way it ended, I really look forward to playing a sequel.