Microsoft tells Congress Yahoogle will own 90% of ad market

Ars Technica reports: A US Senate subcommittee heard testimony today about the competitive implications of Yahoo's recent deal with Google, which will see the company mix ads supplied by Google with its own on search result pages. In addition to two individuals who currently purchase search advertising, the hearings featured testimony from senior executives from the two principals involved in the deal, as well as Microsoft's top lawyer, Brad Smith. Their testimony presented radically different pictures of what constitutes competition in the search market, how this deal will affect that competition, and the ongoing negotiations between Microsoft and Yahoo.

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donator3964d ago

So Microsoft is concerned about a monopoly? Ironic, yet tantalizing.

Tmac3964d ago

LOL, this is what they do, they try to bully the competition, however now the competition is to large to screw around with.

<3 capitalism

thor3964d ago

Yahoo are so anti-ms, it's funny. If MS had offered twice what they did to buy yahoo, I reckon they'd still not be having any of it.