Is Games for Windows LIVE Dead in the Water?

Games for Windows LIVE, in case you didn't know, is Microsoft's online gaming service, a single multiplayer platform across which all of their games may eventually run. Israeli tech news website is one of the service's most notable doubters, having set up a petition to boycott the thing outright. LIVE caters to only 26 countries – and Israel isn't one of them. "The entire idea for this boycott is to create awareness," says Eran Badit a member of NGOHQ's site staff. "Microsoft wants to make LIVE into a global standard and collect additional fees for nothing. That's not OK, but somehow tolerable. The fact that this service is only available to 26 countries is unacceptable."

Badit's thoughts are echoed across the web. Since launching its first GFWL-enabled title, Halo 2, in May 2007, the service has received more criticism than a pube-filled Mars Bar. "It's unfriendly, bloated and amateurish," says Badit. "The world's top software developer should have something much better."

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QueefyB3964d ago

of course like the xbox 360 it is dead once MAG comes out it will bury it

wAtdaFck3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Its not about the XBox 360, its about Games for Windows LIVE. Simply put, they make you PAY for PC online.

Total and utter fail to set subscriptions on things that were meant to be FREE. Microsoft strips down a games online features, and makes it accessible only if you pay $50 a year for Windows LIVE. Just look at Universe at War (PC).

Microsoft is attempting to take advantage of its PC Gamers, and milk them of their money to play online, just like they're doing with XBox LIVE. And now that PSN (a FREE service) is coming up to par with LIVE, its getting a little bit harder justifying a subscription for Microsofts "premium" online service.

BIoodmask3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

How many accounts are you going to make? Enough until you can reach ten bubbles. The administrators know it is you.

Tmac3964d ago

Awww poor blademask :(, here's a tissue.

NewSchoolGamer3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

dead I don't think so but inferior to other services YES. The answer is right in your face so I don't wanna offend some of you by stating how HOME offers more for no cost and make you seem like.......ignorant fanboys.

Bolts3963d ago

Games for Windows is for the PC so there is no competition against Home. As for the article Vavle's Steam slayed this beast before it was even born. The lack of dedicated servers and other hardcore features doomed this service from the start. Crap like achievements and useless features like cross game invites means nothing to PC gamers. There are plenty of free internet apps that does the same thing.

In other words whenever MS try to offer any internet service in a competitive enviroment, they fail.

JsonHenry3963d ago

Xfire is better than HOME or LIVE in terms of gaming related stuff like patching, friends list, voice and IM messaging.

Who the hell needs LIVE?

TheIneffableBob3963d ago

Compared to Steam, it's trash.

vasilisk3963d ago

Compared to Steam, yes it's a load of [email protected]
Compared to nothing is a mediocre service

aaquib53963d ago

When was it alive???

PC = Dead.

It's the year of Mac + PS3.

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