Battlefield 4 still has more players than Hardline

Unlike previous Battlefield games, the newest one (Hardline) has failed to overthrow the previous one (Battlefield 4).

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TheJacksonRGN1482d ago

That's a shame. Hardline is the better game in my opinion. But I didn't expect it to. If it was another military title then more might have migrated.

Oh well. Enough people are still playing and I'm having fun despite some flaws.

MysticStrummer1482d ago

"If it was another military title then more might have migrated."

Emphasis on the word "title" because the actual gameplay looks far more military than the cops and robbers fun I was hoping for when the game was announced.

TheJacksonRGN1482d ago

Game feels like a slightly larger scale cops and robbers experience with most of the modes. Modes like Rescue and the one with the VIP are on a smaller scale and capture that feel best.

Rescue is the best mode imo, closely followed by Hotwire.

Dirtnapstor1482d ago

Reminds me of the movie Heat. Loving it. It's not going to surpass the standard BF installments, but I expect it to maintain longevity like the mainstream BF series.

venom061482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

this IS NOT true... look at look at BF4 vs HL and Hardline ALWAYS has more people.. even now.... this article is completely false

joedoe9191481d ago

Well battlefield 4 didn't have the shit when it launched either but it was a buggy adventure on the field of 4 but hardline is more well thought out and fun instead of people camping in tanks and choppers and jets they took a look at infantry and made a game that some people could relate too I'm tired of war shooters I like hardline it's still battlefield just hardline

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mcstorm1482d ago

Tbh I live in the UK and I've yet to see an advert for Hardline where BF4 was pushed like mad. For me though my love for FPS games has seemed to of been lost. I think I over did it last gen I'm loving platform and racing games at the moment. Also alot of people will still be on COD in the FPS space or even GTA which seems to be the game of the moment.

It will be interesting to see where ea go from here as for me I want to start seeing some new FPS IP's. Titanfall was a good start imho. Ide even love to see another WW2 FPS game maybe MoH back to its best with that or if they want to make a Black 2. Infact lets see a new quake as this was the king of the MP FPS for years and seeing another this new gen ide look at buying.

daBUSHwhaka1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Funny you say that.I also live in the UK and have never seen any adverts for Hardline.

KwietStorm1482d ago

Hardline isn't even your typical Battlefield game, so it's not surprising at all that more people are still on BF4.

shysun1482d ago

Yet I find it more enjoyable.

jc121482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

I COULD NOT disagree more! BF4 is, in my opinion, the best online shooter I've ever played, with Halo 2 and COD 4 close behind. Dice has done an incredible job evolving and improving BF4 since its troubled launch. The game has great maps, dynamic destruction, realistic animation, and effective weapons that are a legitimate pleasure to modify.

Hardline, in my opinion, is not even on the same playing field. It feels less refined, and the weapons/mods are mostly recycled from BF4. Overall movement and aiming is too slow, and online frame rates are woefully inconsistent - to the point of distraction. I played a couple matches, and then honestly, I just went right back to Bf4.

I guess my point is this: why does Hardline even exist? At this point, it offers nothing new in terms of gameplay, graphics, or "levolution." Honestly, what does it do better than BF4? I challenge you to find something.

This is not to mention Hardline's single-player campaign - which is flat out awful. I didn't even bother completing it. I mean, honestly, you flick a bullet casing near a group of enemies and only one guy will investigate the sound, every time. Every time! Why would only one dude bother investigating a mysterious sound? Not to mention you can subdue three enemies just by showing your badge to them, despite the fact that they are armed to the teeth. And of course, once you subdue them, they inexplicably go to "sleep." Wtf?

The characters seem vapid, and the overall pacing of the campaign is dreadful. Hardline feels like filler while we all wait for the inevitably better, more refined, more evolved BF5.

venom061482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

hardline is REALLY fun.... loving it so far

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Revvin1482d ago

Hardline wasn't meant to be a successor to Battlefield 4, it's from a different team with its own new storyline and DICE are still supporting Battlefield 4 with new content so it's clear Battlefield 4 is not done yet.

Gamer7771482d ago

Battlefield Hardline has less content, it apparently looks worse than its predecessor and showed no further optimization of the frostbite engine. BF Hardline was an expansion pack (or mod) that should of never been sold at the price of a new AAA release.

Dirtnapstor1482d ago

"Apparently looks worse...". Have you even played it yet? Don't deny until you've tried. You're missing out.

Gamer7771482d ago

I don't plan on paying 75.99 Canadian for this game. I've watched multiple reviews and several critics stated that the game doesn't look as good as its predecessor.

LoveSpuds1482d ago

I have played both and I can guarantee that Hardline looks considerably worse. BF4 is by far the better game, if I wanted this kind of twitch shooter experience I would play COD.

Dirtnapstor1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Oh I agree, BF4 is far better in all respects, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with HL. This is not the next BF, this is a separate franchise like Medal of Honor was. You might as well sequence it after COD if that's the case.
I would never say "considerably worse", that's a real stretch. It's a good looking game.

shysun1482d ago

Gameplay >graphics. Hardline run so smooth online.

jc121482d ago

I wholeheartedly disagree. The framerates in HL are horrendous online. I played a few matches and I'd say every 10 or so seconds, the game would chug along with rates dropping at least to 35-40. Not only does it negatively impact immersion, but it makes aiming difficult.

I switched over to BF4, and I never experience framerate drops on par with that of HL. I only play TDM, in both games. So its not as if I was playing TDM in BF4 and unfairly comparing it to conquest on HL.

isa_scout1482d ago

I loved Hardline right up until I unlocked the 300. Knockout last week, and started noticing all the poor design decisions. The scout elite should've been the weapon unlocked when completing the professional syndicate as it is by far the best sniper rifle in the game. The K-10 is grossly overpowered, way to much weapon sway when enemies shoot the environment around your character, maps are way to small compared to BF4, and vehicles are almost completely useless. You know it's bad in a battlefield game when players aren't fighting over who gets the chopper. RPG blast radius is WAY to big....I could go on and on, but I won't. I do enjoy Hardline for what it is, but I refuse to call it a Battlefield game when so many elements that make Battlefield "Battlefield" have been removed or completely watered down. I'll play it, but as soon as those night maps release for BF4 I'm going back to it and will play that until Battlefront 3 releases.

Scottyxboxoneandps41482d ago

It looks a bit better to be fair. The campaigns also a nice change of pace, also really fun multiplayer. I urge you not to be so quick believing what you read or hear...

knickstr1482d ago

Rightfully so in my opinion. Battlefield 4, once fixed, is one of the better tactical FPS out there. Hardline kind of feels like a hybrid between COD and battlefield.

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tmh35931482d ago

thats how i feel also there are alot less guns, gadgets, and grenades. more camos than guns, kinda silly for an fps right?

Lennoxb631482d ago

Battlefield 4 looks better and plays better. Period. Battlefield Hardline is a shell of what Battlefield 4 is.

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