Hyperkin's Smart Boy Console April Fools' Joke to Become Reality

Retro manufacturer Hyperkin has confirmed that its April Fools' Day announcement of a Game Boy-compatible device for smartphones is set to become a reality, following unprecedented consumer demand.

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Thefreeman0121477d ago

hope it comes to my HTC One. dont mind my emulators but using the real cartridge would be better

Dizzydrifter11477d ago

Please please don't make me buy an iPhone i want this on android.

Pillsbury11477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I imagine it would need to be jailbroken to use the emulation features.

blesbok1477d ago

Why limit the device to a d-pad and a & b. Throw on some shoulders and x & y. Android pls.

Dasteru1477d ago

For what purpose? It only plays GB & GBC games.

Blank1477d ago

I would if it had gameboy advance compatibility I have a feeling the second gen will have it.