Motorstorm: Pacific Rift - E3 2008 Trailer

Sony Computer Entertainment published the new Motorstorm: Pacific Rift trailer. Enjoy.

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diefor3963d ago

Motorstorm is getting better and better.

King_many_layers3963d ago

it certainly did look alot stronger than it's initial showing. Level variety is looking great, I can't wait to be playing this beast split screen.

Chris Bosh3963d ago

Those graphics are sick.
I love the part when that dud wuz stickin up the finger.

GVON3963d ago

the textures look amazing, when you hit that jump @ 8 seconds pause it and it looks outrageous.

ar3963d ago

Stop using that avatar!
It creeps me out.

vasilisk3963d ago

Motostorm was a launch title and it looked and played great. I expect great things from Motorstorm II

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Veryangryxbot3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Another triple A game found nowhere else.

The first Motorstorm sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

@silgon the moron
are you just born stupid or are you an inbreed? If the game is stupid, nothing will sell it. Not even a bundle. Why would people buy a bundle with a stupid game included in it!!! Idiot.

@siligon again
You frikkin moron, so by your logic to sell an incredibly expensive system, you need to bundle it with a "stupid" game and people will buy it? What a fkin retard you are. Go read at what you write, dumb fk.

If the game is stupid, bundling it with an expensive system would lead to the opposite of your claims.

Silogon3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Actually it sold over 3 million and a good reason why is because the bundle they placed it in world wide. The game is donkey balls, man.

To above:

To get an expensive system at an entry level price that makes sense. You moron! PS3 without a game (at the time) 600 + game = 660 or Ps3 with a game included 600

What makes sense to you? Even if it is a lousy game more people wanted the bundle to feel like they got something for nothing you stupid jerk spurt.

kai_h3963d ago

The trailer looks way better than the screenshots that were shown a while ago. I see that tree leaves are interactive as well. This will be a sweet game.

Kleptic3963d ago

looks great...Sony really does have some incredible assets internally...just look at all the 1st party exclusives coming in the next 12 months...and look how incredible they look when compared to all the competition...

Bazookajoe_833963d ago

Im very excited about this one, it seems to have everything the first one was missing..

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