Skyrim Modded Still Packs Mind-Blowing Visuals, Surpassing Those of Most Current-Gen Titles

Skyrim was released in 2011 and thanks to its modding community, Bethesda's RPG has been transformed into one of the most beautiful titles.

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NecotheSergal1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

A modded PC game surpasses current-gen console games in visuals.

Gee, never seen this before. Who'da thunk this scenario were possible! Gosh.

Exari1475d ago

yeah but what about the framerates? it seems like those mods are just made for pictures

NecotheSergal1475d ago

That much is the irony of most PC Gamer mods, most PC Rigs of the average PC player will not be able to run them on max and at 60FPS.

Never let PC Gamers or the Elitists tell you otherwise.

AndrewLB1474d ago

Except for the fact that if you look at the Steam Hardware Survey, roughly 40% of gamers with Steam accounts have a graphics card that pushes more flops than a PS4. That being the case, there are FAR more PC gamers with faster than PS4 hardware than there are PS4 owners.

Viryu1476d ago

The graphical mods are nice and all, but my biggest gripe were always the animations being stuck in early 2000s. It seems modders aren't able to fix it even now. I'm still hoping for a complete remaster and additional content and mods for current gen consoles, since it was one of my favourite games on previous gen.

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