Gamezilla has talked to Deck 13, the true creators of Lords of the Fallen

They will not create Lords of the Fallen 2. CI Games has breach of contract with them. Deck 13 doesn't know why, but company is working on something, what might eclipse Lords.

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ironfist921296d ago

Great to get confirmation from the proverbial horse's mouth, but my god that was some atrocious writing in the article.

Hire an editor.

Hoping for a Lords of the Fallen 2, or at least something big from D13.

Maybe they should continue the Darksiders series?

thekhurg1296d ago

You realize it's a polish website and English isn't their native language. The .pl domain pretty much gives it away.

OB1Biker1296d ago

'However our future plans are not affected, as they were not linked with Lords of the Fallen 2.
The next thing that we're doing with our engine has the potential to look and feel even better than Lords of the Fallen because we're steadily developing new features.'

Good to hear and good luck. Definitely interested in whatever they have in the work


Definitely will have to check it out once i finish bloodbourne. Actually was watching this game on live with playstation last night. Looked great

Maxor1296d ago

That engine is freaking awesome because right now Lords of the Fallen on the PC is the best looking of the Souls genre games on the market. Easily besting DX11 Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne. It just too bad that the rest of the game doesn't measure up. There are too many unpolished issues still not dealt with.

But if they can fix the confusing level design, animations and cut scene issues this game could be a contender.

Aon1291d ago

Lords of the Fallen was a great game and I don't know why CI Games tear up an agreement with Deck 13 but I hope they know what they do. Now I'm very interested how ill be looks Lords of the Fallen 2 if someone else will be create it.