Promoting Minecraft: Japan Gets Kinda Weird (For a Change)

At the Next-Generation World Hobby Fair, AUTOMATON's Matthew Coslett runs into a trio of (paid) Minecraft enthusiasts promoting the game how only Japan could. Surprisingly, the children present didn't seem too freaked out.

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masterfox1482d ago

"Japan Gets Kinda Weird" ???? thats IMPOSSIBRUUUUU :D

ScubbaSteve1482d ago

I believe the title is a bit misleading in regards to this article. "Japan gets kinda weird (for a change)" might lead you to think that the minecraft advertising strategy is something really weird.

But what they're really saying is "This minecraft advert is pretty tame in comparison to all the other batshit crazy stuff going on in japan... isn't that weird for a change"


Krew_921481d ago

I inferred the opposite of what you said. It's known that Japan has whacky advertisements. So I figured it was just normal based on the title. But I can easily understand this being misleading for people who do not know Japanese advertisements and their weirdness compared to western ads.