Bloodborne Has a Secret Creepy Message Hidden in the Title Menu

GearNuke: "Is this an actual secret message or a simple bug in Bloodborne?"

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DarkOcelet1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Bloodborne 2 confirmed maybe? That would be pretty awesome.

subtenko1476d ago

Peoples money....they taken it....

PC fans tears....they bringin it...

dcj05241476d ago

I don't think people cry over exclusives lol

subtenko1476d ago


I cried when I died in bloodborne with over 20,000 echos........... you were saying? ;(

ninsigma1476d ago

Try 50,000 xD
it's ok though I got them back (barely) xD

MelvinTheGreat1476d ago

The majority of pc players dont care enough about this game to whine about it

bmwfanatic1476d ago

@ melvin the online petition says otherwise. Stay salty.

Psychotica1476d ago

Sorry but I am primarily a PC gamer but bought a PS4 for games such as this. Some of us have jobs and don't rely on mom & dad to buy us stuff..

joab7771476d ago

I had almost 80k last night when I died. But I dont really worry about it anymore. I tried rolling into a cage and missed, went off the balcony and died. On my next time through, I tried killing a gent and my forward step shot me into a hole. At least he died too ! Oh wait, lol!

ziggurcat1476d ago


that's why there was a petition started to get it to PC, right? because they don't care?

Srelhow1476d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA us PC fans are not crying. See you just don't get it. Do you think we(PC fans) don't also have a console? Sad little fan boys. You are just to broke to have both HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

mikeslemonade1476d ago

Bloodborne is nice, but a Dark Souls 3 would be epic.

Kingthrash3601476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )


I'm not too broke to have them both....i just preferred consoles over pc.its not even that expensive to game on pc unless you want to make/buy a super spec. Pc.
Even so there are those who want a pc but can't afford them....but how is that a laughing matter? I'm not laughing at how gta5 still isn't on pc 2 years after it released.

Maxor1475d ago

Anyone referencing the petition for Bloodborne on the PC is an ignorant console fanboy period. There is a high chance that you have zero experience with From Software and Namco's record on the PC. If you know anything about Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 on the PC then you wouldn't be asking FROM and Namco for a port. Their record on the PC is absolutely shit, and because of that Bloodborne should stay on the console.

Bladesfist1475d ago

I don't get why you are intentionally trying to aggravate PC Gamers. Why not play the game instead?

MrSwankSinatra1475d ago

@sub try 100,000 blood echoes

peshkavusCA1475d ago

PS fanboys extremist need to play the glorious games PS has to offer. Instead of bitch and gloat all over the net.

subtenko1475d ago

We're not on videogames 24/7 just like you all that are commenting on here. You gotta play in moderation, take breaks. I sure hope people have more hobbies than videogames..

Explore a bit!

Lovin these Playstation exclusives. Excited for E3 this year too :D

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Crimzon1476d ago

Well if Sony was smart they'd be funding development of another game like this from the same developer. Maybe not a sequel to Bloodborne but another fresh new IP that's in the same style? Much like Dark Souls was a new IP similar to Demon's Souls, and now Bloodborne is another new IP in the same style again. I don't think they need to make a Bloodborne 2, just have another setting with fresh gameplay mechanics again, much like Bloodborne has removed shields and focuses on staggering.

I'd like to see Sony commission another game like this, but maybe have From Software develop a Souls-like game in a sci-fi setting. I'd love to see a dark futuristic setting and whatever crazy weapons they'd come up with for it. They could really go wild and have the central hub be some kind of spaceship and then every level is a different planet. Would be a nice change from the slick/clean sci-fi games like Destiny and Mass Effect, to see From Software create a really grungy, grimy and maybe even slightly gothic sci-fi world to hack and slash through instead. It would be fascinating to see what kind of nightmarish alien worlds they'd craft as well.

joab7771476d ago

Can you imagine? They may make a Bloodborne 2, it's interesting b/c of the exclusivity. But it won't be their A team.

He will move on to a new setting. And I agree. I want to see what he can do with the future. Maybe it's some warped future/past meld.

nucky641476d ago

NO SCI-FI SETTING - no way....never.

St0rm_Cr0w1476d ago

Its funny, just before I read you're comment I thought "sci-fi setting". Would it work though? Hmmmm...

Ozmoses1476d ago

only 20,000??? that's chump change..

T2X1476d ago

I love when you start getting super nervous when you're carrying 325-30 thousand echoes! Then I usually chicken out back to hunter's dream! to pump up the level and then come back. Cool game.

DEEBO1475d ago

Yeah try 330,000 BE my level up cap is 188,765.

But I'm a beast now the way my guy moves is like a Chinese action movie.

nucky641476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I think the correct phrase is "bloodborne2 is a no-brainer".
seriously...... I WANT more bloodborne.

Heavenly King1475d ago


How about dying against a boss in the Isz chalice dungeon while having 1M echoes because you need 1,5M to level up :'(

ninsigma1475d ago

1.5M for level up!? :O
Nope, no way on hell I'll be doing that! XD
what level are you at??

linkenski1475d ago

Bloodborne 2 by From Software B team -- without Miyazaki. "Ugh, this game sucks, it's not amazing like Bloodborne!"

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dcj05241476d ago


The Great ones did try to have a child or maybe the healing church is trying to make one. Either way that implies the child survived. Maybe the child is you.

SMcNu7151476d ago

If you pay attention to the story, you'll know what it means.

Maxor1475d ago

The only people who doesn't understand what that line means are noobs and people who don't own the damn game.

Majin-vegeta1476d ago

omgz illuminati confirmed O_O!!lol jk

That cool.

achmetha1476d ago

*light spoilers*
seems to tie in with the "secret" ending.

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