Rainbow Six: Siege Gameplay Video Features 14 Minutes Of Action

One Angry Gamer "Another map was revealed for Rainbow Six: Siege. This time a new airplane stage. The new footage is from a pre-alpha build of the game. You get to see more than 14 minutes of the game in action"

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ritsuka6661482d ago

Our franchises are being destroyed thanks to COD business models. We need slow, tactical no spectating, no kill cams, and hardcore game play. I appreciate the attempt, I really do, i'm just heartbroken watching this.

harbie1482d ago

You mean we need SOCOM back :).

KnightRobby1482d ago

I can't believe a tactical SWAT game is encouraging you to shoot through walls -_- I can understand it as a defender, but not as SWAT. I was hoping it would be similar to Rainbow Six: Vegas. As SWAT, they need to remove sprinting, any heartbeat sensor, and discourage players from shooting through walls.

1482d ago
seanpitt231482d ago

It really impressed me at E3 last year but now after seeing these videos I feel somewhat sad. It's not the game they showed at E3 looks like a completely different game.

UrbanBullet1482d ago

^ ^ There needs to be an Americas Army for Xbox One! ^ ^

ServerBOT1482d ago

The animations looks pretty downgraded compared to the premiere gameplay trailer.

Erik73571482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Its Ubisoft....what ever you see in their controlled gameplay reveals or trailers....expect the game to like half as good as what they show. This is a public alpha/beta what ever of the game so this is legit footage of it and not fake BS demo on stage....

urwifeminder1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

Is this some sort of joke wow will just stick with Vegas I guess, that 3rd person behind cover gone ? steam sale lol

TheConTROLLer691482d ago

Multiplayer videos only? This game is going to fail. Way too much focus on the lame mp.
What about the campaign and co op? I'm more interested in that.
Been waiting too long for a R6 game only to be disappointed that it's mp focused.

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The story is too old to be commented.