With Quantum Break Delayed, Here’s What’s Left of the Xbox One’s 2015 Exclusive Line-Up

The video game industry has largely evolved to become one based on multi platform titles, rather than the widespread exclusivity of years past. However, that doesn't mean that exclusives aren't still important.

When it comes to choosing which platform to invest in, consumers consider the entirety of its line-up. That means having a good look at what it has that nothing else does.

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tinynuggins3398d ago

I noticed Scalebound not listed for 2015. Does anyone think it's shipping this year? I think it's unlikely.

Stiffler3398d ago

I always assumed it was going to be a 2016 title for some reason? I believe somebody may have mentioned it over the past year but don't quote me on it.

Cannot wait for Fable Legends, WoT X1 Edition, Halo 5 & Forza 6. Great games coming this year on all platforms. Hyped!!

VealParmHero3397d ago

There really are some great titles across the board. I have to say that this fall I am most excited for what's to come on X1, thought I pretty much knew this would be the case for some time now. I'm happy quantum break is delayed, let them polish it a bit more and give me time to play other things. Same with Sony and Uncharted 4. I am amped for tomb raider and id rather not have them both at exactly the same time.

Automatic793397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

This is what the year is projected to look like with even more titles announced at E3, Gamescom and TGS. Every day Xbox One is turning back into the Original Xbox when it was games first and everything else second.


The Escapist
Ori and the Blind Forest
Dungeons and dragon Neverwinter
Forza Horizon presents Fast and the furious
Project Spark Conkers Big Reunion
State of Decay
Elite Dangerous
Fable Legends
World of Tanks
Forza Motorsport 6
Halo 5
Tomb Raider
Super Hot
Blues and Bullets
Ghost of a Tale
Knight Squad
Shadow Blade Reloaded
Wasteland 2
Soul Axioum
Goat Simulator
Space Engineers
Fruit Ninja 2
Rivals of Ether
Plagued Inc.
Massive Chalice
Dungeons of Endless
No time to breath

I say an incredible lineup already of titles to come and what has already shipped. Looking forward to continue to enjoy great gaming.

Note slow and steady is what wins generations if it worked well for Sony with PS3 is should be fantastic for Xbox One this generation with already a solid blockbuster of titles this year. This is all setting the way for what's to come next year.

tuglu_pati3397d ago

Have the feeling Quantium Break will be PC also. There are enough exclusive planned for this year. I think pushing QB for 2016 is not that bad, looking it from a positive side, this could mean XBO will probably have exclusive games all year round on 2016 that is if QB and other exclusives dont end up on PC.

TheXgamerLive3397d ago

MS isn't announcing all 2015 titles until E3 so this list is incomplete.

ic3fir33398d ago

fable legends, Ori, Below, Inside, Halo 5, Forza 6, Rise of Tomb Raider, World of Tanks, Gigantic, SMite, have a good year

and 2016 with games like Crackdown, Phantom Dust, Quantum Break, Gears of War 4, Scalebound, Rare game, and possible forza horizon 3 will be an even better year that 2015

DonkeyDoner3397d ago

aaaannd tomb raider delayed as well

MasterCornholio3397d ago

When was that confirmed?

Seriously post a link next time before making those claims.

oasdada3397d ago

Lol not to burst ur bubble but uve also mentioned indies and f2ps.. imo lineup is pretty weak.. im not a hater.. i just dont like the hypocracy..

O.t: this year has halo so no need of any other games

ic3fir33397d ago

Free to play and indies is the future of gaming and sucess of consoles, look Ori one of the best games next gen.
i Prefer smite, gigantic, Indies that the order, killzone, Ryse, Watchdogs, and other mediocre games

oasdada3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

@Ic3fir3. Then why wasnt it the future when ps4 was doing it? It was being called "indie station". Hence the hypocracy comment..

People dont seem to understand that this isnt simply about prefference because last year there was a lot of noise from xbox fans that it had more games so according to that trend the compaison this year should be alike.. personally i like a much more diversified portfolio of games spread throughout the year.. i like my halos and cods with a side of heavy rain's , bloodbornes and until dawn.. yes ive enjoyed ori alot but that wont cut the fact that nearly half of the year is dry for xbox.. and the fact that ori is on 2 other platforms.. i currently own a ps4, xbox360 and pc.. and im getting the most out of the 3

P.s im mostly an indie gamer. And hv been playing indie games since b4 the indie scene but if u really are into the essence of what indie games put out then i wont call order a mediocre game.. do give it a try

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Kavorklestein3398d ago

I'm assuming this article is refferring to currently ANNOUNCED Exclusives? Whatever OTHER games may be coming out this year are not really known at this time...
E3 is more likely when we'll know EVERYTHING MS has planned this year... kind of a pointless and flawed article IMO

shadowT3397d ago

Again Halo and Forza? Remembers last year.

lifeisgamesok3397d ago

Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Project Spark

Your point?

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