E3 2008: Sony Unveils Several Games

Kombo writes: Several games were announced during the Sony conference. Sony wanted to show their ability to have quality titles over quantity.

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DeckUKold3960d ago

The only interesting one.

nbsmatambo3960d ago

the first one was an absolute masterpiece hope they have better grafix and longer gameplay on the next 1 =D

Angelitos3960d ago

Poor Xbots, we dont bribe to steal other peoples exclusives.

Irishrocket693960d ago

Maybe you should. I mean it worked for BR! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

kewlkat0073960d ago

resistance the only big one....


theyve not announced anything exciting yet and their 1 hour into the conference......OMG

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The story is too old to be commented.