The Top 7 Groundbreaking Gameplay Mechanics

Hayden Waugh writes: "What is it that makes a great game truly great? A video game can have a solid storyline and incredible graphics, but if its gameplay foundations of fundamental and intuitive mechanics are not well implemented, then it suffers tremendously. Give a player too much power and the game suffers; give a player too little power and it suffers even more so.

Many games fail in this area, but I've had the pleasure of being pleasantly surprised by a swathe of video games over the years whose game mechanics have struck that balance, resulting in very strong, reputable titles. Today, I present my list of the most innovative and groundbreaking gameplay mechanics in recent history."

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rextraordinaire1481d ago

Dragon's Dogma's monster climbing was excellent (So was SOTC's).

Nothing like slashing at a griffin's belly while it holds you in it's claws and flies hundreds of feet above ground!

higgins781481d ago

Skyward Sword for sure deserves a STRONG mention, if not the strongest.

1481d ago
Grave1481d ago

The multiplayer mechanics of the Souls series is #1 in my book.

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