Someone recreated Harry Potter in Bloodborne and it looks crazy spot on

Harry Potter recreated in Bloodborne looks crazy spot on.

boing13105d ago

Now I want to see dark and gritty Harry Potter movie.

Muzikguy3105d ago

Prisoner of Azkhaban... My favorite lol

Summons753105d ago

My favorite book, didn't care for the movie too much. HP2 was my favorite movie.

pivotplease3105d ago

Yeah movie was meh compared to the book. Might have been the director switch. I think Dumbledore also got switched out in that one which really threw me off.

joab7773105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Crazy thing is that you can grab the student uniform and trousers from Rom's area. When I got them and put them on, that's exactly what I thought of....Harree Potta!

Snookies123105d ago

So this is what he's been doing since Voldemort...

psplova3105d ago

Looks like a badass pewdiepie to me. .

Back-to-Back3105d ago

Using the word badass and pewdiepie in the same sentence should be a bannable offense.

psplova3105d ago

Lol.. I take it all back!

Mr_cheese3105d ago

I was in a curry house last night and seen a little kid watching him on an ipad, I'd never heard of him till a South Park.

Mrgolden793105d ago

Why the hate? He's a huge souls fan which makes him my bro in my book