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Griever1480d ago

Probably a mobile game. Do not get your hope up guys. This has happened MANY times before and each time it leads to disappointment.

miyamoto1480d ago

Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 are all that matters from them for now...

Xman2K1480d ago

I hope they hired Kojima

MegaRay1480d ago

If that happened, SE should make Kojima and Nomura team up and make "an Epic" game

Eamon1480d ago

lol, imagine if Square really did hire Kojima.

I wonder what his next game with them would be..

Kurisu1480d ago

Metallius Gearaduecius Sollididicium: Final Fantasy

Called it!

Aloy-Boyfriend1480d ago

Sony Japan will hire Kojima!

death_gun1480d ago

what if he doesn't wan want to make games anymore? maybe he just wants to be a p*%n star

TekKing1480d ago

Unless it's an announcement for FF16 then I don't care. I already know the renamed FF is going to be wack.

WizzroSupreme1480d ago

Please be Bravely Second, please be Bravely Second.

blackblades1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

"Why do you this to us, Square Enix?" someone forgot a do in that question. Anyway we just gotta wait and see.

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