The 5 Best Indie Platformers You Should Play

TwoDashStash: "So, let me first make it clear what I mean by “best” within the context of this article. These games are ones that are best from a purely platforming perspective. Tight controls, levels that are challenging (when it comes to platforming, and not say…puzzles). Anything else is secondary and only used as a tie-breaker between them. A good platformer with a great story will not rate higher than a great platformer with no story. It’s also worth noting that I like my platformers like I like my coffee: fast and deadly."

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dota2champion2362d ago

Super Meatboy is a really great game, i got it for 75 cents off steam

OhMyGandhi2362d ago

Limbo should be on that list.
also, "Way of the Ninja".

joel012361d ago

Limbo was a good one ..loved the black and white art style .