E3 2008: 130 New Titles Coming to PS2, Announces New Bundles

During their press conference today Sony reaffirmed their commitment to the PlayStation 2 through new titles headed to the system, 9 years after its launch.

These include:

Tiger Woods 09
Star Wars: Force Unleashed
Warriors Orochi 2
Singstar Pop V2
Yakuza 2
Madden XX
Mercenaries 2

They also announced a new system bundle with Lego Batman and a Batman animated film!

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chaosatom3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

is a ps2.

poopface13966d ago

tha might sell pretty good.

hunter213966d ago

they should make this many games also to ps3..but anyway its cool to see ps2 still fighting and growing

3966d ago
DEIx15x83966d ago

Shouldn't Sony be focusing more on the PS3?

silverchode3966d ago

well the ps2 still has like a year left alive. so they are trying to stay true to their word unlike other companies. but after they stop supporting the ps2, the number of ps3 titles will increase but thats just my opinion.

Bill Gates3966d ago

The 360 can suckad!ck......AHAHAHAHHHAHHA

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