Battlefield Hardline is Reagan-era drug war propaganda | Kill Screen Review

“It’s the ‘80s all over again!” I hear this phrase at least twice in my playthrough of Battlefield Hardline, a shooter with delusions of police procedural sensibilities. Stoddard, a proverbial “dirty cop,” spits the line as a flippant dismissal to the rise of drug trafficking and violence in Miami. Later, on a fan boat in the everglades, the protagonist Mendoza sighs and delivers the phrase with tired acceptance before he proceeds to gun down whichever drug runners find themselves in his crosshairs.

I don’t suppose they’re wrong. As far as Battlefield Hardline is concerned, the 1980s may as well have never ended.

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urwifeminder1479d ago

MENDOZA!!!! What a shame to dirty up the franchise with this load of dog.

starchild1479d ago

Oh come the hell off it. I'm libertarian and generally opposed to drug laws, but KEEP YOUR DAMN POLITICS out of your review. You think you can give this game a damn 5 because you don't agree with its politics as you perceive them? LAME.

360ICE1479d ago

I must admit I'd probably score Ocarina of Time lower if Link was an unmitigated Nazi. It just makes the game harder to like.

WhyHate1479d ago

I will research this a little more. Hopefully I can find some videos to this point, and if that is an over riding theme then that makes my decision easy. No Battlefield Hardline for me or anyone I know once they get word of this.

The 80's were a horrible time for anyone in the inner city. Our own government flooded the inner city with drugs as a means to make it easier to kill and arrest people of color.

Ronald Ragan was a want-a-be senile douchebag...

ITPython1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

So I take it that during the 80's, government officials under Reagan went into the inner city and forced people of color to do drugs and commit crimes?

Hmm, last time I checked choices we make are our own. Doesn't matter if it was 35 years ago or yesterday. YOU chose what you do with your life. The sooner people stop blaming others for their choices/mistakes, the faster humanity can get back on track.

Sadly though, blaming somebody else for something you did is becoming all too popular because it is the easy way out and lets you avoid taking personal responsibility for your own actions. Oh you just robbed a liquor store and killed 3 people? Yeah, not your fault. It was probably the Republicans or some white guy that made you do it.

I might actually get this game now, seeing as how the libtards seem to dislike it so much.

WhyHate1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

If you haven't just given yourself up as a right wing apologist there is nothing more you could post that will make that point more apparent.

I never stated that anyone shouldn't take personal responsibility for their action, and in fact any and all people will one day have to answer for their pervious discretions. I find it odd that in YOUR post you refer to the words you / your several times as to somehow bestow those actions directly to me in someway.

**You're one angry dude**

Back to my original point; what can you say for a president that against our country's wishes arms and trains Contras militants and also provided arms to one of our countries enemies.(Iran)

And then once these acts of treason were brought to the American people attention his administration gets a service man (Oliver North) to take the fall for Ronald Reagan's actions.

And again he used the powers of the U.S. government to flood urban areas with drugs.(crack) Not areas where a majority of white people lived.

A pathetic attempt at systemic destruction of a people.

Just facts that show the character of the man and no better then a common thug when viewed by his actions.

Dirtnapstor1479d ago

The article is very well written. But for supposed current injustices and for the sake of psuedo politicking, this game gets a bad score? Come on....

finito821479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

This was possibly the most bias and bs political based review I ever read on a game...congrats , perhaps you should go into political blogging instead of the gaming blog world. Absolutely disgusting trying to incorporate the two into one. Relax and chill.

Talk about propaganda...when you're trying to aid people's views on a game for your own political views rather than based on pure gameplay. What a joke.

knickstr1479d ago

This game was never meant to send a political message. So tired of seeing "reviewers" review a game and giving it low scores because it could make a statement on the current civil unrest that people have with the police.

If you're gonna give it a low score then give it a low score because of the gameplay and story. Why does a game have to conform to your political beliefs for it to be good? Not once was there a mention of gameplay and very little about the story except for when making a political point.

donwel1479d ago

This is exactly the problem people have with the games press m8, seeing politics where there are none.
It's like they either don't remember, or just don't care that games are made to be fun.

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