Xbox One vs Wii U: The Battle for 2nd Place

Gamewots: "The battle between the PS4 and Xbox One is over. With the recent release of Bloodborne and The Order 1886, the gap in sales between the two consoles has only grown. Despite the amazing holiday deals, decent line up of games, and great promotion, the PS4 remains on top and this trend is unlikely to change anytime soon. Second place is by no means a bad position to be in, but will the Xbox One remain second place by the end of 2015?"

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Concertoine2204d ago

Not even a battle at this point

Bigpappy2204d ago

This real has nothing to do with Xbox or Wii-U. This is just some fan boy on a website bragging about PS4 sales.

The first sentence is the entire opinion piece.

vishmarx2204d ago

id much prefer a wii u to an xbox but theres no question, wii u is a failure. xbox in not, even when it isnt selling ps4 numbers, its doing pretty good for itself, at least in US.
there is absolutely no scenario where i see wii u selling even 50 million units while xbox is outselling 360 quite clearly.

vishmarx2204d ago

id much prefer a wii u to an xbox since i hate most of ms's first party offerings but theres no question about it, wii u is a failure. xbox in not, even when it isnt selling ps4 numbers, its doing pretty good for itself, at least in US.
there is absolutely no scenario where i see wii u selling even 50 million units while xbox is outselling 360 quite clearly.ps4 on the other hand has pretty much locked down the 1st spot.

bouzebbal2204d ago

Wii U isn't a failure.. Maybe sales are not good but that doesn't matter to me.
Wii U has a great line up of games and is the perfect companion of whatever console you already own.

I have PS4 Wii U and all handhelds. I don't need anymore.

Utalkin2me2204d ago

Yeah true. And honestly doesn't even matter at this point. i know which 2 i own and very satisfied with.

Pogmathoin2204d ago

An intimate lovefest with a fanboy and himself.....

StrawberryDiesel4202204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

It's true, I can't believe the difference from last gen to this current gen. it's like night and day in terms of console sales and install base. After M$ announced always online console, no used games etc. many jumped ship to Sony's Playstation brand and left M$ in the dust. Their friends did the same thing. That's a major reason for the sales differential and why Sony will continue to dominate, not to mention releasing games like The Order & Bloodborne. M$ has no one to blame but themselves, all they had to do was stay the course of the XBOX 360 and they would have been in much better shape, if not ahead of Sony. Don Mattrick or whoever conceived those ideas about the early vision of the Xbone should be taken to task for their ridiculous ideas. Now M$ has to sell the console for basically a $100 cheaper than Sony's just to keep up. You can buy the Xbone with MCC for $349. Soon they will be including a free 3 Months of Live to sweeten the pot I'm sure. Not looking good for M$, they need an amazing game to help them and I don't think Halo will save them now. It's too generic compared to other better FPS games like COD, Battlefied, Titanfall etc. They need a new Gears of War and they needed it yesterday.

Cuzzo632204d ago

But Sony did better that MS last Gen hardware wise. Microsoft will always continue to be second to Sony in the hardware division

Automatic792204d ago

@Strawberry while you go on and rant more people are picking up Xbox One. We are 15 months in and I have heard it all from people like you for example, Xbox One only sold 5 million consoles, has no games, and made bad decisions. Guess what, now they have sold more, have awesome games and made fantastic decisions this generation is only in its infancy. Gamers like you obsessed with bs rants should think twice before commenting the pendulum can swing in MS favor at any given time. Slow and steady is what wins generations and all signs point to MS continuously coming strong.

romancer2204d ago

when one considers facts rather than opinions, we find inconvenient facts like this:

"The most pre-ordered games in the USA ranked by unit sales:
1 Halo 5: Guardians (XOne)" VGAChartz March 2015

And the world's first Destiny player to reach Level 30, two weeks after Destiny was released last Sept, did it with Xbox1.

Apparently XB1 is not exactly on the ropes.

mark_parch2204d ago

did you say cod, battlefield and titanfall are better than halo hahahahahahahah

Automatic792204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )


I completely agree with you last year the best selling games were all on Xbox One

Starting with

Call of Duty
Halo MCC

But gamers like strawberry will still come on this website and paint doom and gloom images. Like I said Xbox One has now become more like the OG Xbox for gamers by gamers.

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3-4-52204d ago

* So some arrogant wannabe journalist decides to declare something the winner, mid way through the race go for it.

* It's not even a race really.....All 3 are good and worth owning.

JasonKCK2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

If you go by how long last gen lasted it's not even half way. LOL at the person who wrote this.

Madock2204d ago

Wii u did win this generation, on quality and diversity of its exclusive games..
Sorry but I can't give it to either xbox or ps4 given they r average PCs with absolutely nothing special about either..
Best platform for multiplats, PC
Best platform for exclusives, Wii U

remixx1162204d ago

Wow your just as bad as the journalist, not saying Wii u is bad as I own one but I find bloodborne just as fun as super smash bros. Also how are you gonna call Wii u the winner of this gen when ps4 and xb1 haven't even been on market for 2 whole years while the eii u has had a plentiful head start.

Not only that but the lackluster online infrastructure of the Wii u alone keeps it from first place, I mean come on no voice chat in spllatoon, Mk 8 or smash bros. It kinda dampens the quality.

wonderfulmonkeyman2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

@ remix

A 'plentiful head start'?

The entire first year was nothing but bad third party ports and a smattering of good first party titles.

That's not a good head start by any stretch of the imagination, so no, Wii U had no advantage there.XD
It earned its praise through hard work despite being unpopular, not through some year 1 advantage.
The online runs butter smooth with a good connection, as well, so it's not bad despite no mid match voice chat.

To top that off, both PS4 and XBone have more third parties deving for them, yet Wii U still has more high quality in-house exclusives, and PC covers basically everything else.

clouds52203d ago

It's true though. The wii u has some amazing games on it. The ps4 has nothing going for it yet. It has potential but I won't buy the console for one game that appears to be quite good (bloodborne). While the wii u has several really good titles out right now, and the best is yet to come (chronicles x, zelda u). You don't buy the ps4 for the games that are out now. You buy it because of the potential, because you know eventually it will get the gems.
Also: please don't compare a payed subscription based multiplayer platform to a free one.

remixx1162203d ago


So a year is not a plentiful head start?? You gotta be kidding, if we're gonna ignore the Wii Us lackluster first year we might as well ignore the ps4 and xb1s first year as well. Regardless the Wii u has had much more time on the market than the other 2 systems, if it had launched at the same time than things would be even worse.

Also yes the online does run butter smooth but there's just not much to it in the way of options, connectivity or communication when it comes to its games, it damn well better run smooth. Also like you said Wiiu has no third pparties, yes many are trash but missing out on mass effect 4, star wars battlefront 3 and fallout 4 are big hits. Also I finds Wii u owners will flat out ignore the quality games on the other platforms which is OK I guess, but ps4 having uncharted 4, persona5, bloodborne, ratchet and clank, tlou re, guilty gear, hell divers, street fighter 5, disgeae 5 etc etc. While the xb1 has halo 5, tomb raider, quantum break, phantom dust, halo master chief collection, sunset overdrive etc etc.


And why can't we compare a paid subscription to a free one?? The guy above me is comparing a 29 month old console to 17 month old consoles. Not only that but the ps3 had a free subscription and even it was more advanced than the Wii u infrastructure.

Like I'm saying I love my Wii u but calling it the winner of the gen when the other consoles are just getting started is idiotic.

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stragomccloud2204d ago

Pretty sure Nintendo will never get second place. However, at least video games make them money. The same can't be said of others.

Bnet3432204d ago

That's because Nintendo can't afford to make money off anything but games. They do not make operating systems, TVs, phones, etc. like "others"

OC_MurphysLaw2204d ago

with Zelda missing 2015 I predict a rather ugly year for the WiiU

Yama2204d ago

With Xenoblade Chronicles X and Fatal Frame V coming out, I'm actually pretty happy with my Wii U.

Milkshake2204d ago

Fatal Frame V was the only interesting news from the last Nintendo direct!

bestofthebest2204d ago

This gen is pretty much set in stone

#3-wii u

Gazondaily2204d ago

Yeah I don't see that changing at all.

clouds52203d ago

Sales wise that's how it looks like at the moment. But the only console of the three I own is the wii u. Why you ask? It is the cheapest and has the best exclusives right now. Ergo best addition to my gaming PC. Ps4 just doesnt have the games to justify a purchase...