Jack Tretton: "PS3 is all about exclusives"

TVGB: "In what seems like a peculiar statement, especially after Microsoft's own show-stealing Final Fantasy XIII announcement, Sony's Jack Tretton let everyone know the real reason to own a PS3 - the exclusives. Even after all of fluster on message boards, Jack was unfazed. He indirectly addressed the 400lb elephant in the room and threw a couple of jabs at those who doubt PlayStation 3's hold on exclusive content. He even went so far as to say that while exclusive downloadable content (GTAIV) is "nice", it's not a difference maker and "exclusive games are where it's at"."

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cp683964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Resident evil
Grand theft Auto
Final Fantasy

what's left other than God of War franchise that is a worthy exclusive?
damn it sony, don't talk exclusives

GUNS N SWORDS3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

if it makes 360 gamers happy, well probably be getting MGS4 by the time gears2 makes it's debut launch.

chaosatom3964d ago

developers that are making the game.

What he means by exclusives are the first party games, not third party like you mentioned
Resident evil
Grand theft Auto
Final Fantasy

tplarkin73964d ago

There's 2 problems with Jack's statement.

1) The 360 has many more exclusives and timed-exclusives.
2) The timing of the statement after the loss of FFXIII as exclusive.

Sayai jin3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

@chaosatom- How do they keep exclusives? They kept them all this time until now. Why? These games were synonymous with the Sony name.

On topic, Sony wil still has and will have blockbuster exclusive for the PS3. I for one like exclusive. If it was not for exclusives then we would only need one console. This not innovation, no hunger, not competitive, etc.

Game on....

Rob0g0rilla3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Resident evil
Grand theft Auto
Final Fantasy

Have never been exclusive to Sony.

Final fantasy has been on PC & Gamecube, GTA 3, vice city, and san andreas have been on PC and Xbox1, and Resident Evil 4 was timed exclusive on Gamecube & there are Resident Evil games on GameCube that are still exclusive to the system today. Your blind if you think Sony doesn't have any exclusives. And after E3 they have even more.

"what's left other than God of War franchise that is a worthy exclusive?"

Are you kidding me? Reexamine Sony's lineup and exclusives. The list is posted at least 2 times a day on here.

Homicide3964d ago

I agree. They lost the biggest exclusive ever. Stop lying like always Sony.

zane_78493964d ago

Well it makes more sense for Sony to say it, then say someone like Microsoft whose biggest announcement was that they were "also" getting FFXIII.

Not FFXIII Versus, Not MGS4, Not Resistance 2, Not M.A.G., Not Little Big Planet, Not inFamous, Not the new Ratchet & Clank, Not Socom, Not DC Universe Online, Not White Knight Story, Not The Agency, Not Killzone 2, Not God of War III.

I'm not saying it isn't great for Microsoft only fans that they get to play FFXIII, it's big news. But it doesn't change that fact that Sony has shown it has a vast amount of compelling exclusive games coming in the near future.

jlytle12343964d ago

sonys first party line up is killer. those are real exclusives. even gears of war can be taken for a price. for every old single player franchise sony has lost exclusive rights to, they have replaced with fresh innovative first party titles. dont make me list them.

chanto233964d ago

I still think the PS3 still has the best 1st party exclusives, while i still think 360 has the best online aspect, the PSN still gets the job done for free.

About 3rd party exclusives, that doesn't exist in gaming anymore...its only fair for devs to release their product on as many consoles as possible to get the most money back...developing a good game this days cost a lot. The only way to secure a 3rd party exclusive is by paying lots of money which M$ is willing to do right now but in the long run it will hurt their gaming branch and this trend can go forever or else they will be losing money every instead is just trying to pump more 1st party games cause they know, that eventually, all 3rd party games become multi-platform sooner or later. Sony still has a lot of good exclusives that will sell systems...

-Gran Turismo 5
-KillZone 2
-Little Big Planet
-Tekken 6
-God of War
-Jack and Daxter
-Socom Confrontations and Socom 4
-Final Fantasy XIII is still exclusive in Japan
etc etc...

MGS4 already sold the systems that it was going to sell, maybe on the holidays if it's still an exclusive it will sell some more systems but if the game goes multiplat now it won't hurt the PS3 (it will just make Tretton an idiot for saying that it's a game only possible on PS3) but thats about it...

TheExecutive3964d ago

how in the f*ck can you consider the 360 as having more exclusives? what planet do you live on? Seriously, inform yourself.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

When you say exclusives you're not talking about PC and console because I don't consider that an exclusive. An exclusive would be Warhawk you can only find that on the PlayStation 3. Halo 3 is an exclusive as well as Super Smash Bros. Brawls.

Games like The Agency (PS3, PC), Left for Dead (360, PC) or Okami (Wii, PS2) aren't exclusives in my eyes.

thebudgetgamer3963d ago

microsofts biggest statement at e3 was us too

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Angelitos3964d ago

He better say FF13 is now a PS3 exclusive through talking with Square Enix!

JustinSaneV23964d ago

Keep dreaming...

Wait, the conference is over...

Still mutli-platform.

Tmac3964d ago

This is kinda funny considering yesterday lol.

Genesis53964d ago

He's talking about 1st party exclusives. Something Sony has alot of. MS not so much.

Bnet3433964d ago

He is right, when I buy my PS3 I will only buy PS3 exclusives. Third partys like to sham the PS3 so I'll just stick to Xbox 360 on that. BTW God of War III looks sick.

KillaManiac3964d ago

@Above, do you ever see Gameplay in the first ever trailer of a game? I sure don't

HyperBear3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Yea, wheres the gameplay video? I saw a very well done cgi movie to introduce and make the game official. However, the game will prolly be amazing when it'll launch, more than likely late 2009/early 2010.

Bill Gates3964d ago

Best exclusives are ONLY on the PLAYSTATION 3

QueefyB3964d ago

BWAHAHAHAHA you are correct resistance made the entire crowd happy and dc universe online looks like a fantastic mmo experience