Sony Press Conference Live Blog

"After some good food and drink, we are finally sitting down with ears and eyes on Jack Tretton. He's giving the usual PR blab but GOW was already hinted. Now to the blogging."

* 2008 is the year of the PS3 says Jack Tretton
* New Resistance 2 footage from Insomniac
* OMFG Godzilla like creature just walked into view. HOLY SHIT!!!
* Player is firing rockets at it. It's fucking intense!!! It's taller than any building in the city!
* Creature is looking at player inside a warehouse. The detail on the creature is incredible.
* This doesn't even look like Resistance.
* Creature is tearing building apart to get to player. Player is escaping. Think Megatron scene in Transformers.
* Sound design is also incredible!
* Creature picks player up and throws him into another building. Demo ends. Hands clap."

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