The 6 Best Video Game Pranks of This Year’s April Fools

This listicle features six examples of fake pieces of video game content or products revealed on April Fool's Day that we wish were real.

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sinspirit1480d ago

If I were crafty I would have made a Nintendo MOBA game trailer.

Testfire1480d ago

All the April Fools jokes on n4g were spoiled because of the [April Fools] tag at the end of every one. Seriously that was lame whoever did it.

ChrisW1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Since when did April Fool's Jokes become simple-minded silliness? Traditionally, April Fool's Jokes are suppose to make you believe something is real, feasible, practical...

Despite Zombie Hitler dancing being somewhat entertaining... These were just dumb.