Nintendo Direct reveals juicy new Fire Emblem franchise details

"Fire Emblem fans hit the jackpot today as two major updates in the most recent Nintendo Direct were directly related to the Fire Emblem Franchise and its future."

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thorstein1479d ago

My only gripe is that it is not for Wii U. I love the 3ds but sometimes I just want to game on my TV.

illnoize1479d ago

Exactly! It seems like the Wii U would be a perfect fit for the series. Its extremely surprising that its not going to the Wii U. Ah well guess 3DS will have to do.

Metallox1479d ago

It isn't surprising, because Intelligent has basically claimed that they need the Fire Emblem games to sell, and making a title for Wii U could be a real risk for the franchise.

3-4-51479d ago

We will get a more full game with DLC available.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

the buy Illusionary Revelation Fire Emblem

that way we get Fire Emblem on Wii U

3-4-51478d ago

FE:Awakening was for's sequel was ALWAYS going to be on the 3DS.

Doesn't mean we can't or won't see a Console release of a new Fire Emblem on the Wii U or new console in the future, but this FE:IF, was ALWAYS going to be a 3DS game.

If your disappointed by that, you did it to yourself, by having unrealistic or uninformed ideas or thoughts about what could possibly occur.

* I would LOVE to see a brand new Wii U Fire Emblem game in addition to this.

Hopefully it happens.

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yuukiliu1479d ago

Can't wait. Definitely buying the DL version(get both versions in 1, just have to pay an extra ¥2000 for the story you didnt choose the first go through. 2 different stories? With a 3rd being DLC(another ¥2000)? June 25th can't come fast enough.

TheGamez1001479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Dissapointed that you dont get both paths for just buying the game, ahhhh how games have become. Where developers are making DLC before the game even launches. Why not just include it all on the release game then you make dlc later. Really hope Ninty will change their mind about this.

yuukiliu1479d ago

Well, from what I read, both games are roughly the same size as FE awakening. They are basically releasing two games on the same day, they just happen to take place in the same world. And a 'third path' DLC which I am assuming will be quite large as well. Seeing as it is priced the same as the second game for DL version (¥2000). Would you rather they release one game in June and the next game the next year? This isn't like Pokemon red/blue.

JacketsNest1011479d ago

From what I've read, only Japan is getting the four different version of IF. The west is getting the DL version on a cartridge.

yuukiliu1479d ago

Lucky for everybody in the west I guess. Handheld games are more often than not a lot pricier in Japan than the west, maybe Nintendo knew they wouldn't be able to get away with this pricing in the western market. But I'm willing to spend ¥9,000 on basically 3 full FE games. Seeing as FE awakening is still ¥5000 for a new copy.

JacketsNest1011478d ago

Oh, didn't realize you live in Japan. So are you just getting the DL version?