Smite - All Gods £20.99

After the success of Happy Wars on the 360 and the continued success of games like League of Legends on P.C, It looks like a Free to Play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) will make a great addition to the Xbox One.

So with Smite well into development, Xbox One UK has had their hands on the current Alpha build and it’s looking very impressive, visually equal to the PC on the highest graphics settings, with simple and effective controls will smooth and fluid gameplay.

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modelgod3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

I don't know how the xbox gaming community will react to Smite but being a long time gamer and someone who will play (not necessarily like ) almost anything, I can't wait.

hazard17remedy3370d ago

Trust me, people will play. Ive been on Neverwinter Beta, and i was surprise with so many players around. Now with the release, its always full of players, I've made some friends already

MrBigShot0073370d ago

I'm in the alpha and I'm loving this game. Have a group of guys that join up all the time to play this game and I'm definitely going to buy the god pack when it's released.

Volkama3370d ago

Wouldn't count on the one-time transfer being available, free, and covering that pack. It might, but I wouldn't count on it.

Sensiblesteve3370d ago

What do you actually do in the game?

MrLeighW3369d ago

It's a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)
Similar to the very popular League of Legends and DOTA2


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