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WelkinCole2264d ago

Sony is really serious about cloud gaming.

Abash2264d ago

PlayStation Now must be going very well for them

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TFJWM2264d ago

Seems to be doing decent maybe we'll hear some numbers leading up to E3.

Pogmathoin2264d ago

This is about PS and you did nothing but talk about Xbox.

Codewow2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Unfortunately, Cindy-Rella, what everyone fails to realize is "The Cloud" is only feasible with at LEAST 25mb/s down constant. You'd probably want to go even higher than that. For a large majority of the US, 25mb/s down would be heaven because from the stats, not many people get that. Thank whoever you want to that Google has stepped in to remedy the problem by building fiber networks around the country. Can't wait until it gets to Chicago + suburbs.

I guess we can all say Microsofts plans are thought out enough for a high end consumer, but mid-tier consumers will have to deal with hiccups, especially with networks under high load.

Ever notice your internet speeds sucking at night? That's because everyone around you is using that bandwidth too.

darthv722264d ago

Either that or they really dont want other companies to be able to do the same thing. it's not uncommon to corner the market to block competition.

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_-EDMIX-_2263d ago

@Cindy...why are you arguing Semitics? What Sony is doing with cloud isn't the same thing as what MS is doing with cloud (or what they calmed as we've yet to even see this happening thus far)

Cloud for streaming and cloud for computing data are not the same thing bud.

Many where mad based on MS choice to make a under powered system with strings attached with um.."cloud" know and behold, they actually had a online only system in which used games couldn't be played on.

The cloud bs was to try to justify having an online only system when clearly...Sony used that money to make a better PS4 AND STILL bought now 2 companies to do game streaming using cloud.

Soooooooooo sounds like your mistaken on both being the same thing. They very much are not.

That service on PS4 is a CHOICE! I can still play used games, change my hdd, play OFFLINE! etc.

On XONE, this um.."cloud" was also coming with ONLINE ONLY gaming, no used games and a hdd that couldn't be removed as it STILL CAN'T TODAY!

(remnants of there ONLINE ONLY PLANS)

Nekroo912263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

@ Cindy you need to understand the difference between cloud gaming and cloud computing.

Even Nvidia is utilizing could gaming GRID which requires 50mb to play at 1080p, cloud computing is completely diferent and theres no way you cant process tasks instead of the hardware without any latency.

The reason they bought onlive its because they already stream to smarthphones and tablets.

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GribbleGrunger2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Gaikai was said to be far more robust than Onive, so I'm guessing this purchase is more about stopping anyone duplicating PSNow than it is to actually improve PSNow. Of course there may well be a couple of things Sony wanted to do with Gaikai but couldn't because of the Onlive patents.

Utalkin2me2263d ago


Ohhh, the irony.

nunley332263d ago

@codewow you don't need 25mb to run PSNow at max settings and the minimum is 5mb. so if someone's connection falls in-between you'll have no problems running PSNow

SilentNegotiator2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Onlive never had a chance in hell anyway. It was going to go bankrupt years ago, had that one investor not returned to bail them out.

BTW, the fact that Sony absorbed some patents does NOT mean that they're definitely going to "focus" on it.

k3rn3ll2263d ago

Not so sure about doing well for them. If anything these are defensive buys to cover their ass. Prevents competitors from getting em and slow their progress. Since we all know that gaming is going that way anyways, it makes sense for them to do this and corner the market once and for all.

WelkinCole2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )


Basic principal is the same but agree the implementation is different.

MS proposed a thick client but Sony with PS Now is going for a thin client implementation.

The problem with MS approach is that it basically tries to use their server farms as an extension of the X1 hardware hence the talks of extra power for the X1.

The issue is the bandwidth that connects the X1 and these server farms like you would on the mother board but instead of the buses you use the internet in MS case.

Sony with PS now virtually everything is done from the server side and then the thin client just presents it. This is something people still don't understand.

hesido2263d ago


Semitics? I guess you meant "semantics", lol. (I'm not anti-semantics, by the way.)

VenomUK2263d ago

First Gakai and now OnLive, that's a lot of investment in cloud gaming. Sony must really see it as playing a big part in the future of gaming.

I used OnLive console about 4 years ago and it worked ok. I'm waiting for PS Now to come to Europe to test a more modern implementation!

bouzebbal2263d ago

onlive and gaikai?
that's some serious clawwd gaming.

Gazondaily2263d ago

I guess Sony do believe in the power of the cloud too :P

What's with the commentators saying that they are just purchasing it for fun and giggles? I don't think Sony are in a position to splash the cash willy nilly.

Well it looks like Sony are embracing the digital age. Now everyone will believe in the power of the cloud n_n

Tony-A2263d ago


I definitely agree with you on the idea that Sony would purchase a property simply to shutdown competition. I don't think that's the reason behind this. If that were the case, I think they would have taken Xbox under their wing when they had a chance at the turn of the century.

There is a difference between what's going on here and what was touted as "Power of the Cloud", though. Cloud computing was heavily marketed as a super-powerful, game-enhancing experience akin to the "Power of the Cell" scheme of the previous generation. It was said to make online gaming superb, increase graphical fidelity and keep your experience at a smooth 60FPS at all times. That was obviously all just a ruse to get people excited for the XBO, which didn't turn out too well.

Cloud gaming is almost completely different. It's essentially just interactive streaming. Sony already have the cloud operating in a different way on the PS4 with features like Remote Play, Share Play and PlayStation Now. They're not meant to be the ABSOLUTE MOST INCREDIBLE THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO GAMING EVER. They're just different ways to play games. That's all. If you refer to that as the power of the cloud, that's your prerogative.

On another note, I think this acquirement is just Sony's way of bringing two similar visions (Gaikai and Onlive) and combining the minds behind them to generate or enhance their own products with a much more popular and familiar brand. Nothing more, nothing less.

Death2263d ago

If you have your turn signal flashing to turn left, you still have the choice to go straight if you change your mind. If the road only goes left, your choices dwindle considerably. Sony has now acquired two game streaming companies. Today we have the choice to use these services, but if we change our mind we can play our disc based games. PSNow, PSVue, and PSMusic look to be the future Sony is creating. With all this focus and investment into game streaming it's looking more and more like Sony is moving away from the traditional console market. The future is clearly a constantly connected one.

Christopher2263d ago

***Unfortunately, Cindy-Rella, what everyone fails to realize is "The Cloud" is only feasible with at LEAST 25mb/s down constant.***

Well, that's a lie.

You only need 5mb/s download. What you need is at least 2MB/s upload, preferably at least a matching 5MB/s, though. That's the issue, most cable companies offer great download rates that you can get to 20MB/s easily at most times, but their upload rate is horrific and results in the lag you see in online gaming.

Too bad the real issue is monopolistic markets held by certain cable companies in the U.S. No real competition, no need for cable companies to update their infrastructure to match FiOS or fiber capabilities.

NuggetsOfGod2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

At this point sony could lead the way to the cloud. Their marketing is great! Lol kaz could rape a hippo and ps4 sales would increase.

With cloud console companies can now have a tighter grip on the console gamers lol

Cool stuff.

Wake me if valve does it.

reallyNow2263d ago

Get DSL. Gotta love that unshared line. No matter what time of day it is, I pull in 48Mb/s.

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Spa4tan2263d ago


I stopped reading after "spec"

BitbyDeath2264d ago

Might not just be for cloud gaming but also Vue.

Corpser2263d ago

It's clearly the future for Sony platforms

uptownsoul2263d ago

Its the future of ALL platforms…Either Platform makers are going to have to go with SUPER expensive tech to out-pace PC's & loose tons of money. (think: PS3 Cell processor & the original price tag & how much Sony lost)


Platform makers take off the shelf tech that are already behind PC's & make okay money (think: PS4 x86 & better price & Sony making money)

Not to mention everybody knows the profit isn't in the hardware (they just try to make their money back), the money is in the software.

Death2263d ago

Let's stop thinking the "Cell" and start realizing it was a modified PowerPC chip instead. "Cell" was the marketing term for what Apple used in their G5's and Microsoft used in the Xbox 360. The expense was in the Blu-ray drive at launch and in the start up and production costs for Sony's modified PowerPC processor which they were hoping would catch on as an X86 replacement. The irony is Apple ditched PowerPC as Sony started to embrace it. It was a bad business decision which is evident with todays consoles that mimic PC architecture pretty closely.

reallyNow2263d ago SPUs are what made the Cell the Cell. Not the PowerPC based core. 'Tis a silly argument you made about nothing.

GTgamer2263d ago

Hmmmm reading the comments are funny because people are calling Sony fans hypocrites because Sony bought the patents for onlive how does that make Sony fans hypocrites :/ yall need to calm that fanboy thing down a little because as far as I'm concerned we know nothing yall just speculating so ps fans are hypocrites because of your speculation -_- good god.

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ManOfTheYear12263d ago

Amazing how things change in just less then 2 years.

MS talks cloud...Sony gamers say cloud doesn't exist yet now we see Sony investing heavily in cloud.
MS advertises that the Xbox One is a central media hub to combine TV with gaming....Sony gamers yell Xbox One is TV TV TV, Sony launches Sony TV

MS talk about DRM, Sony says they won't have DRM, Sony gamers froth atthe mouth about MS removes DRM policies...Sony adopts DRM policies...

Wow, this gen is one crazy mixed up gen.

nunley332263d ago

well MS was all TV first and games as an afterthought for XBONE,PS4 was games first, there's your difference. While MS talked about building production studios to make tv shows for xbox, sony already had those so they didn't need to. Just as The PS3 was the best media box available outside of roku, PS4 will continue to add to media duties after gaming was established.

Criti-Choco2263d ago

Sony TV (Vita TV) has nothing to do with cable tv capabilities let alone is it a forced purchase on a video games console, its optional and beneficial for people who want to play their consoles around multiple places in the house.

Cloud Gaming and Cloud Computing, 2 different things, one that we already see to be a successful and useful venture. Unfortunately the promise of cloud computing which on paper seemed very nice, has not produced any results worth the praise people like you crave. Titanfall is a good example where they sugar coat the marketing for it with cloud computing and it just falling flat.

Now, if you're thinking of Playstation VUE which is a TV service, you need to know that it is also not a forced purchase and it is offering an alternative to cable tv. It is not the same as turning a console into a cable box by using a 3rd party network.

The difference between sonys approaches and microsofts, is that they arent shoving it down peoples throats. Are all the policies perfect? Probably not, but its not nearly as bad a road that microsoft had started with in the first place.

Death2263d ago


It's funny that people claim Microsoft was all about TV first, yet they had the arguably stronger launch line up of games. Microsoft never said they were TV first, they made the mistake of thinking gamers knew the Xbox was a game console. Clearly they needed to be more specific since people tend to either have short memories or are stupid.

Sony on the other hand did claim they were all about the games. Some of us knew better since Sony was making deals with Viacom to enter the market as a cable replacement while saying it. Owning TV and movie studios should also have been a pretty good hint that Sony is more than just games. People hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see. We have proof since launch that Microsoft was atleast as serious about games as Sony since the two are pretty competitive with releases since launch yet we are still hearing people say Microsoft was all about media/TV. A year later only one company is turning their console into a cable box replacement and oddly enough it's the one that is focused only on games.

magiciandude2263d ago

"well MS was all TV first and games as an afterthought for XBONE,PS4 was games first, there's your difference."

Sony was all Blu-Ray during the launch period of the PS3 when they listed Blu-Ray movies in a top 10 of launch GAMES. Just for future reference...

Ryan7412263d ago

That's just PlayStation fans, confused bunch.☺

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BallsEye2263d ago

haha. Funny how mS was pushing cloud from the start and was laughed at, but when SOny purchases inferior onlive ITS FOR TEH GAMERS. You guys...

Death2263d ago

You are talking two completely different technologies. Microsoft's cloud based compute enhances existing technology like game consoles. Sony's cloud based streaming replaces it.

ziggurcat2263d ago

cloud computing, and streaming are two completely different things, ballseye. in fact, you can't' even lump them into the same category.

so to complain about hypocrisy here is inaccurate, wrong, and just plain silly.

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gangsta_red2264d ago

Sony is really making a big push for streaming games online. There should be little doubt that this is what Sony is looking at for its future of gaming, online and streaming.

Why o why2264d ago

Lol. . . Even when you make 100 percent sense you get disagree's

Yes, Sony seem to be taking steaming and online very seriously. This came out of the blue.

JoGam2264d ago

Dude, its just the haters. They gon disagree quicker than you and I. Its the way of fanboyism.

gangsta_red2264d ago

Yea, I would love to actually know why people think Sony is NOT looking at streaming as the future for their games and all other services.

You don't spend money on Gaikai and now OnLive and keep it as some gaming option only. Sony is investing and planning for the digital future just like every other company in the tech and media field.

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Bennibop2264d ago

With Internet speeds increasing at be Sq by rapid rate they are on to avoid winner.

Codewow2264d ago

This is going to be the future of gaming because it's one of the was to fight piracy. While it won't be completely effective because the internet of people is too powerful for a gaggle of corporations to stop, it will be effective to the people who aren't willing or those that aren't tech savvy enough too try to crack it. Which, in this day and age, should be almost non-existent, but alas.. it's not.

specialguest2264d ago

Yeap this is Sony's console future right there. The sad part is fanboys will defend and justify it.

Imalwaysright2263d ago

Always online future! I hope that the majority of gamers speak up against that crap just like they spoke against the 1 login a day that MS had planned for the X1.

_-EDMIX-_2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

no....there should be little doubts that what is happening right now, is what Sony wants...

I could troll that they are aiming for streaming only, but it sounds like they are merely aiming for diversity.

@Imalwaysright- and Specialguest

"Always online future! I hope that the majority of gamers speak up against that crap just like they spoke against the 1 login a day that MS had planned for the X1"

Um......streaming is a choice on PS systems, not like on XONE where ONLINE was MANDATORY! They even claimed the system couldn't read bluray disk, just install them only, which now clearly was bs as a day one firmware update very much showed it very much could install and run off the disk for drm.

What is happening with PS has nothing to do with streaming only as again...right now streaming is a CHOICE!

They are making a new media format as they also make movies and media formats too LMFAO!

Sooooo they have a bit more vested in physical media formats then MS or Nintendo as they are making a new one right now.

What MS was trying to do has zero choice, it was online only, no hdd removal etc.

That is not even remotely what is happening with this service. This service is very much a choice, its not the new and ONLY way to play PS4 games.

Gamers don't care because again...this is a choice, its not being forced, its not replacing disk as traditional drm as Sony was the one fighting that in the first place. They again make a lot of money off of bluray and are making a new physical media format to likely replace bluray.

No signs of them forcing this service like MS did bud, I'm sorry but nothing even remotely points to that compared to MS forceful attempt at a takeover of the market on used games.

marloc_x2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

“I think there will be a PS5. However, I don’t know what form it’ll have. It could be a physical console, or it could be in the cloud,” - Masayasu Ito

_-EDMIX-_2263d ago

"You don't spend money on Gaikai and now OnLive and keep it as some gaming option only"


Yes you do bud. Why would they after also making a new media format have LESS methods to make money?

Thats like saying why spend money to make PSN great if your not just going to do digital only....ummm bud, its because having more options means MORE MONEY!

Again...why would they have less options? lol.

Um...ok bud.

Disk,streaming, digital all means more ways to play and more ways to pay lol.

Having less only means less ways to make money.

They wouldn't be making a new media format if such a thing where even remotely true, mind you, they have the most to lose considering there deep investments in bluray and their next format.

Look at what Sony does as a company.

CD, Sony music, PS1.

DVD, Sony pictures, PS2

Bluray, Sony Pictures, PS3.

lol, they make players, the have money invested in many formats and are currently making a new one.

I'm sorry but they have no reason to choose to make LESS MONEY especially after what happened to MS at the start of this gen.

It just makes no sense.

This will merely be a option only as gaming is the only medium in which its data sizes increase every gen by such a huge amount.

Yet itunes isn't the only way to get music, yet netflix isn't the only way to get flim.

Sooooooooo why would you think the company that has the MOST vested in the format, would seek to get rid of proven, cheap options that even pay them MORE MONEY then digital or streaming?

Sounds like delusional fanboy dreams.

gangsta_red2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

"Sounds like delusional fanboy dreams"

Lol, says this guy!

"CD, Sony music, PS1."

And now look at where CD's as a format is now. Over half of every big major CD/Music retailer is out of business due to online and streaming music.

"DVD, Sony pictures, PS2 "

And now look at DVD which is almost as dead as the CD format. It's dwindling down since it's being replaced with Blu-ray. Gone are all the Blockbusters, Hollywood Videos and Mom and Pop Rent a Movie shops.

"Bluray, Sony Pictures, PS3."

And how long do you expect this format to last when we have Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Google and every other major media multi billion dollar company including Sony investing in digital streaming.

They are not choosing to make LESS MONEY they are choosing to ADAPT to what is clearly written right in front of everyone's face. It makes perfect sense but to you, because you are so adamant to defend Sony for whatever reason.

You could be blind and try and make an excuse of Sony is aiming for diversity or you could actually see the huge red flashing barn door that's right in front of you and realize that them acquiring Gaikai, Onlive, developing PSNow, merging of all Sony accounts, PSVue, their tablets and TV's is an attempt at an all digital ecosystem.

You are only looking at right now, Sony is looking at 8 to maybe 10 years down the road, Maybe even sooner with the rate tech is moving. And why wouldn't they? When they have the most vested in streaming due to their media and hardware business.

Imagine their TV's, with their apps, streaming their movies and games.

Sony is actively and aggressively pursuing this whether you want to believe it or not. In your case "not".

"but Sony sells games to all parts of the world, and there are very few places where the internet is going to grow fast enough to make up for the loss if they go streaming only."

How big is that market that doesn't have the internet or a well established connection? Especially when Sony's PS4 features and games rely so heavily on online connectivity.

You think Sony is going to cater to a market where their internet isn't fast enough or people that don't even have the internet? I truly doubt that there would be a ton of money to be made from any place that doesn't have a well established internet connection, let alone none.

And like I said who knows where we will be in 10 years time in regards to online services. Every other day i am reading how Google, Comcast and Verizon are laying down faster fiber connections across the US.

Sony is providing options now because it's viable. But you can be for certain that those options will be narrowed once Sony and other huge companies start rolling out their own type of all in one services.

Tsubasa-Oozora2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )


Yeah you are pretty much wrong on everything.

"And how long do you expect this format to last when we have Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Google and every other major media multi billion dollar company including Sony investing in digital streaming"

No matter what "digital" (wtf?) streaming your talking about, Blu-Ray is Blu Ray.

You can't stream 19gb of data for just one movie. That's why Blue-Ray exists, because of the HIGH defitinion.

Same thing with CD's. CD's cannot compare to "streaming" or mp3's. That's a big HELL NO. Any audiophile will tell you that.

Remember Vinyl? Vinyl is still used today.. why? Because digital doesn't even come close to the sound quality.

Yeah streaming is here but real hard formats aren't going anywhere.

_-EDMIX-_2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I can't stop laughing at this saddness.

"And now look at DVD which is almost as dead as the CD format" exist along with Bluray, yet CD's exist along with itunes.

Got interstellar on Bluray...saw the DVD version next to it, bought the new Mastodon album last year......on CD!!!! The Black Sabbath album 13 just before that.

Don't you get it, having more methods just means more money.

Even desipte all the options for music and even with the medium unlike film and gaming, not changing in decades......the method still exist.

Films go up res and data, games go up in data. That is why you still see DVD and Bluray still around.

That data size that goes up will make sure that every time we go to a leap, those that want a hard copy of that data can have it.

The people deem this so.

Me buying Blurays and CD's....deem it so. Having a easier way, doesn't mean its the only way. Merely means its the easy way, mind you, to many that way may be CD.

All you need, a player, cd. Thats it and for music, film and gaming, yes....that is enough.

Consider games will keep getting larger and larger, music won't. Again...yet CD's still exist.

If the medium that doesn't go up in space hasn't went digital only (music), what makes you think the medium that goes up EVERY SINGLE GEN will?

Mind you, it doesn't even make sense. Sooooo have less methods? Despite SOny making money from BOTH?

LMFAO! Sooo have less ways to give out a product? You sure thats what they want bud?

Sony is making a media format. 4K exist, there next player will likely support 4K, they can make more money doing both vs only 1.

I'm sorry but nothing points to a just streaming or just digital as zero medium even does that....even the one that doesn't go up space ever couple of years.

"And how long do you expect this format to last when we have Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Google and every other major media multi billion dollar company including Sony investing in digital streaming"

They are also investing a physical media format bud...opps lol.

Thats like saying motorcycle sales are up, means cars won't last.

Have you considered we can have both? They don't make any more money without physical, in fact they loose money.

Itunes, Amazon music, aol music etc exist......yet people still buy CD's. Go figure. You need to understand that just because options exist, doesn't mean that some how we will just have 1.

Notice that we don't have 1 option for ANY SINGLE MEDIUM!

I love how ummmm "Sony is actively and aggressively pursuing this" They did with PSN too...they got many games digital on PSN, yet.....we still have physical games.

Don't you think they are just pushing it to succeeded? Why does wanting streaming or digital mean not wanting physical? Haven't really put that together bud, just wild guessing and you haven't an answer for this..

Mind you, why can't they have both?

I you even have anything to really prove they are only going digital or streaming? Link? Sounds like fanboy wet dreams to me bud.

maniacmayhem2263d ago


With your whole PlayStation analysis you just basically outlined the evolution of Sony's media format for Playstation and how it always switches to the next tech in media format and the next step logically would be for the PS5 to go all digital.

Everything you just said is completely false also. You may not be able to stream 19gb yet but you can still stream in HD and I'm sure soon the quality will be just as good as Blu-Ray.

And your whole Vinyl argument? Try going to Best Buy or Target and picking up vinyl' can't. Polaroid films are still used by photographers as well as betamax my film hipsters, doesn't mean the format is available and supported.

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rainslacker2263d ago

I'm sure Sony wants to have it as a major part of their future plans, but to assume that they are going to drop other delivery methods is way too premature.

Streaming is good and all for some people, but Sony sells games to all parts of the world, and there are very few places where the internet is going to grow fast enough to make up for the loss if they go streaming only. Even the biggest market in the US isn't going to be up to snuff come next gen.

Options though, diversify who they can deliver their content to. The more options they can give to their potential customers, the more money they can potentially make.

2263d ago
MRMagoo1232263d ago

The day console gaming becomes all online will be the day I go 100 percent pc gaming, so far its about 20/80 console/pc.

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DougLord2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Why do they need this with Gugaku or whatever it was called that they bought a few years back? Maybe just need more servers? More proof that cloud gaming is the future despite what some fan boys claim is impossible.

Btw I worked at a venture capital firm when these guys were trying to raise $$. Got to see this tech very early on. Good thing I didn't make the investment. They went bankrupt 9 months later.

Why o why2264d ago

Still bitter I see. . Go moan at ms who buckled under the overwhelming backlash.

We all see it's the future but you missed the crap components ms tried to fudgepack us with. Changing the rhetoric doesn't change the facts my friend

TFJWM2264d ago

Maybe locking down patents, maybe it does some things more efficiently. If you worked as a Venture capitalist then you should know the benefit of locking down competing patents

Gamer19822264d ago

They bought them as they no doubt got all there servers and tech extremely cheap and since there based in California they will have a server farm set up there for there streaming service to make it faster and more reliable. So everybody wins.

Multiplatguy2264d ago

They made this purchase for the patents. Obviously Streaming is a huge part of their long term plan.

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WESKER20152264d ago

next console will be the streamstation5, heard it here first, the mean streets of N4G

bmwfanatic2264d ago ShowReplies(1)
Allsystemgamer2263d ago

You mean to combat the TV-box Two?

ginsunuva2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

But you don't need a new console to stream.

The whole point is that you can do it on any device.

The next console will be your pc/phone/tablet/Ps3/Ps4/Vita hooked up to a monitor/TV

StormLegend2264d ago

Yes! now this is how you use the cloud!

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