Final Fantasy VI’s Most Moving Scene Gets Lovely Tribute Music Video

Vocalist Jillian Aversa just released a tribute music video in which she sings her own interpretation of Nobuo Uematsu's "Aria di Mezzo Carattere" featured in the moving opera scene in final Fantasy VI.

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leahcim1481d ago

tears of emotion!
If you are reading this and havent played FFVI.
Do yourself a favor. Play it ASAP.
For me is one of the few games that can compete directly with FFVII for the Best Game of the UNIVERSE

gamejediben1481d ago

Oh, it does much more than compete with FFVII.

FF6 far outclasses all the final fantasy games by a country mile. FF6 has the best music in the entire FF series. Terra and Celes are two of the best female protagonists in videogame history - not just FF history. Kefka is far and away the best villain in the series. Sorry, Sephiroth. I mean he actually succeeds in destroying the world! Suplexing the demon train with Sabin is probably the funniest moment in FF history. And I haven't even mentioned that FF6 has the finest home console graphics of 1994.

FF6 is a masterpiece for the ages that only Chrono Trigger can really rival.

goldwyncq1481d ago

Correction - Kefka succeded in messing up the world, not destroying it completely. We have a villain who ACTUALLY ended up destroying a world, and that's Kuja. Also, FFVII and Chrono Trigger are on a whole different level compared to FFVI.

jkuli61481d ago

Beautiful. My favorite FF game and soundtrack of them all.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1481d ago

This was amazing. That was truly a treat for my ears.

WizzroSupreme1481d ago

That really is lovely. Nice work!