Let the Rage Begin - Bloodborne pt.1 | PewDiePie

Watch a playthrough of Bloodborne done by "Pewdiepie"

thekhurg3102d ago

At 7:47 I think you get to see what he's really like. If all his videos were like that section, I'd watch them.

But there were some funny comments.

"I'm killing handicaps? This is a new win for me..."

xabmol3102d ago

Sadly it's his overacting that gets him viewers...


5 Games to Play If You Miss Bloodborne

Diana writes: "Bloodborne is a video game milestone. Since its release, back in 2015, it has managed to enchant a large portion of gamers who have not held back in defining FromSoftware's work a true masterpiece. Despite this enormous success, the development team has never ruled on the possibility of being able to see a sequel sooner or later, even if there have been countless rumors about it over the years."

DOMination-49d ago

If you've got the space and budget, then you can't go wrong with Kinect Sports. Otherwise, if you want the cheap option, Blood borne ain't bad

geekmandem49d ago

I'll have to give Blood borne a try. Is it any good?

jznrpg49d ago

If I want to play Bloodborne I play Bloodborne.

geekmandem49d ago

Good, here are 5 other suggestions :)

OhReginald49d ago

Bloodborne didn't go no where. You can still play it. It's okay.

OhReginald48d ago

Bro this is a video game website. You think any of us go to parties.

geekmandem48d ago

Aye, but if you did... is what I'm saying. Bro.

GoodGuy0949d ago

The only souls game that hasn't had a 60fps version yet and it's regarded as one of the very best...sony...what yall doing?

Tapani49d ago

Bloodborne is the medicine to Bloodborne, not a lower quality copy cat alternative.


Modder Gets Bloodborne Running at 1080p/60 FPS on PS5, and It’s Glorious

A modder successfully gets Bloodborne to run on the PlayStation 5 at 1080p and 60 FPS, and the game looks better than ever before.

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EvertonFC92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I think Sony are doing a remaster tbh, I think we'll get it twd the end of the gen with a PS6 cross over.
The game still feels relatively new imo.

Bobertt92d ago

If i remember correctly From Software had said the code for Bloodborne was kind of a mess so they didn't think another studio could remaster it properly so they would have to do it but they have been busy with Elden Ring and Armored Core. I think after the Elden Ring DLC comes out then they will work on or release a Bloodborne remaster because it doesn't make sense to release both so close to each other when they are similar types of games.

Aussiesummer92d ago

It would be glorious but I'm not holding my breath.

locomorales92d ago

Why? Sony can remaster the game and sell for $70 again. There's no logical reason for a company do that.

Rocketisleague92d ago

They could take his mod and sell it for 70, wouldn't be outside of their normal activities

GoodGuy0994d ago

Modders are always the true heroes.

DarXyde92d ago


They're pretty much pro Bono QA testers for Bethesda.

Bobertt92d ago

For Bethesda they are more like the Devs that come in and fix the game afterwards.

LightofDarkness92d ago

The fact that it’s still dropping to 45 or 30 in spots speaks to why we haven’t gotten an official patch or re-release. The engine and asset optimisation probably needs a lot of work to keep it stable on any platform, and simply throwing more juice at the problem won’t be enough.

darthv7292d ago

Id imagine he would add some DRS to compensate but as it is this is still very impressive.

Psychonaut8592d ago

Impressive, especially since I was led to believe that Bloodbornes actual animations were tied to the frame rate. Which is why the last who did this’ footage looked almost like fastforwarded

jznrpg92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I really want a PS5 copy so I hope it happens. The game is so good .