Hilarious inFAMOUS: Second Son Development Bugs (and Delsin with No Beanie) Shared by Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch just hit 150,000 followers on Twitter, and apparently their way to celebrate is to show bugs appeared during the development of inFAMOUS: Second Son. Indeed, they’re quite hilarious.

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Rimeskeem1481d ago

I'll never be able to see Delsin in the same way

Abriael1481d ago

I honestly like him more with no beanie, but I guess they saved polygons this way.

Christopher1481d ago

Also prefer him without a beanie. Though, that may be just a general rule on my part in games and the real world. Unless it's cold out. Then wear a beanie.

uth111481d ago

The lack of beanie changes the vibe of the character, for the better imo.

JWiLL5521481d ago


I definitely don't have the collector's edition and also definitely didn't wear the beanie this winter.



Alright so I lied. But I live in Toronto, it was cold as hell this winter and it's a well made hat!

DragonKnight1481d ago

@JWiLL552: Fellow Torontonian here, I can corroborate your assessment that this winter was indeed freezing. And lasted far too long. I'm looking forward to this alleged "uncommonly long summer" we're supposed to have.

JWiLL5521481d ago

Yeah. Though let's be honest, "uncommonly long" will mean an extra 5 days or something.

Still, I'll take it!

cutthroatslim1481d ago

Dude, ur wording of titles is becoming completely unbearably painful to read..its like jeez, overstate the obvious much?! Give it a fucking rest, will ya? #ForFucksSake

badz1491480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Without the beanie he looks too generic IMO! At a glance, it kinda reminded me of the character from the last Alone in the Dark game on PS3.

UltraNova1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )


I know its off topic but I'm curious to know how do you Canadians/Torontonians define summer... I mean whats the average high temp there?

DragonKnight1480d ago

@UltraNova: Well I was born in the summer and have loved it my whole life so my personal measurement of what constitutes summer may be different from everyone else's. Also, it depends on where you live. I was born in Ottawa, which is a valley that holds in heat and so it can have some pretty hot summers. I'm talking high 30s Celsius (86F is 30C so 95ish) with the humidex making it feel like 40s (so, over 102).

Toronto isn't as bad but has its moments. To me, summer's base temperature is 25C (77F) minimum. For others it's lower than that, but actually the average high is around 23 to 25 anyway. Again, depending on where you live. Maritime provinces are normally lower, same with Alberta due to the mountains. British Columbia is warmish all year though.

But in the end, I always say that Canada only has 2 seasons most of the time. Winter and Construction. But there are days when we also have all 4 seasons crammed into one day.

bouzebbal1480d ago

i almost couldn't recognize him.
wonder what SP are up to.

UltraNova1480d ago


Well 25 C base is pretty nice to be honest, unlike here in my country...around here base is 33-35 with highs up to 45C and lows down to 25 at 4am!

OT: Wouldn't it be great if they made a Glitch Mode where everything around you went haywire at random but remained fully playable? I would play that for sure!

stuna11480d ago

He looks a lot like Keanu Reeves without the beanie. The Matrix " Overloaded"!

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medman1481d ago

It was always my hope they would remove the douchebaggery from Delsin....I guess removing his stupid hat will have to suffice....

SpinalRemains1381481d ago

What gets me, is that they actually had a character I very much liked in Cole.

He was an average guy and likable. He did sound like he smoked road flares, but he was just a normal dude.

Then they get rid of him and replace him with this teenage kid who's trying so hard to be cool that it was painful to experience.

I liked the game though. I just miss Cole and prefer him over Delsin any day.

DragonKnight1481d ago

Abriael, chill with using the word hilarious man. You use it WAY too much in your titles. There's this thing called a Thesaurus that provides synonyms that would be useful here. I'm surprised the title wasn't something like "Sucker Punch shares development bugs, you won't believe what happens next." Guess it's only a matter of time.

Delsin looks way better without that stupid beanie. He looked even better with his original, more native looking design though.

Palitera1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

One word: hits.

Once concept: ridiculously low quality "journalism".

There. Now you get why he won't stop. We already pledged the terrible site 270°.

DragonKnight1481d ago

@Palitera: Hits here doesn't equal hits there. Just because the story is at 270 doesn't mean that's good for his site's hits if people aren't clicking on View Screenshots.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1480d ago

Hilarious is Abriael's favourite new word. It's like he just discovered it 2 weeks ago.

psplova1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Delsin's just Troy Baker in a jean jacket w/o the beanie...

WizzroSupreme1481d ago

I wondered what Delsin's hair looked like underneath. Looks cooler than his hipster beanie look.

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